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Happy new year from Toddler Towers!

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nettie434 Sat 02-Jan-21 11:36:30

Happy New year to you, Cheddar and Magic too. They - and the other Litter Tray cats - definitely made 2020 better.

Toddlerteaplease Fri 01-Jan-21 18:24:34

What is this on my rug?

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Vinorosso74 Fri 01-Jan-21 17:20:41

Happy new year to you and the girls!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 01-Jan-21 10:48:20

Happy New Year to you all.

Toddlerteaplease Fri 01-Jan-21 09:19:28

The girls and I wish you a better 2021, and thanks to the litter tray for brightening up last year!

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