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Joint supplements - a recommendation!

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JorisBonson Tue 29-Dec-20 21:00:25

Firstly, I in no way work for this company! Have posted in here several times about my little 2 year old with elbow dysplasia.

The vet recommend supplements to ease his joints up. We started with Yumove which did precisely sod all.

We started using Itch Pet joint supplements a month ago and the difference is amazing. We're down from giving him metacam either every day or every other day to maybe once a week. He's so much less limpy and has had very few days where he can't put weight on the arm.

It's got green lipped mussel in it which I think is some kind of wonder stuff.

Highly recommended for any cats with joint problems!

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Toddlerteaplease Tue 29-Dec-20 21:24:23

Oo I'll bear it in mind

Toddlerteaplease Tue 29-Dec-20 21:27:39

Can you buy it on your own or do you have to have a flea subscription?

Horsemad Tue 29-Dec-20 21:31:56

Interested in this but when I look online, it won't allow me to just order the joint supplements, it adds the flea treatment too... 🤨

JorisBonson Tue 29-Dec-20 22:10:04

I'm not sure tbh, we get the flea and worm stuff from them too (I'm always looking forgetting otherwise!).

Really can't recommend the joint capsules enough.

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