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two of my cats are bullying the third

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SuePreem Mon 21-Dec-20 07:05:30

They stop her eating, and I just found them blocking the cat flap on the inside so she couldn't get in. Last night they blocked it so she couldn't get out.

She is pretty stressed and looks terrified. She has started peeing in places (I watched her pee in the corner of the kitchen yesterday too). So she is pretty anxious about it all. (Although she's always been neurotic - they are all tortoiseshells).

is there anything I can do to make things better for her? I don't really want to rehome her. She is about 3. One of the other two is her sister.

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 21-Dec-20 07:21:33

Look at Jackson galaxy YouTube videos he covers this in-depth.

Has it always been lik this?

bodgeitandscarper Mon 21-Dec-20 07:22:17

Maybe giving her her own safe room for a while and cat swapping, just as you would with a new cat and making sure she has escape routes. I find that picking up and removing the bully helps along with a calm 'ah ah' Jackson Galaxy videos are worth a watch too, I'd try enriching the environment with toys, s!eeping areas etc to prevent boredom. Zylkene and fe!iway optimum is also worth trying I hope it improves for her.

Veterinari Mon 21-Dec-20 07:25:18

You need to provide enough resources to prevent a cat from controlling all of them

Read through these environments needs guidelines

Fundamentally though cats are territorial and selectively social and if they haven't bonded her life may be pretty miserable so rehoming may be the best thing.

SuePreem Mon 21-Dec-20 08:25:50

no it's not always been like this, although she's always been the most neurotic of them. I only realised over the last couple of days that they're blocking the cat flap - they block her exit and entrance!

She does take refuge on my bed, but the other cats follow her in. I have to put her food separate to them as they also stop her eating (at least until after they've finished). They are really mean!

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AnnaMagnani Mon 21-Dec-20 08:33:20

Feliway everywhere.

Safe places for her to go.

Feeding her away from the other two and with a microchip feeder - or just with the door shut so she is on her own and has peace and quiet.

Slow the other 2 down eating with slow feeders so they have to work a bit when eating rather than just inhaling their food and running off to eat hers.

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