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How do I repurpose this?

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CrotchBurn Wed 16-Dec-20 17:27:07

So I have a cat litter tray that's a really good size and depth, I dont want to give it away or to a shelter because the bottom of it is in poor nick, I'm not sure why because I cleaned it with hot vinegar and soapy water every week, but the bottom developed an almost limescaley coating.

I cant be bothered to take it to the tip or whatever you do with bulky plastic stuff, so how can I reuse it? Was thinking in the summer it could be a bird bath? Or do they need to be Shallow?

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Bargebill19 Wed 16-Dec-20 17:55:02

Toilet descaler will likely get the bottom as new - will need a scrub to ‘get in’ there.

I’ve used mine as seed trays / potting trays in the past. Or as a water tray under household or outdoor plants.
Bird bath would likely be ok, just don’t fill it or add some stones for them to perch on.

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