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Taking cats with us for Christmas?

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MayBlossom Tue 15-Dec-20 12:00:50

We have had two rescue cats for six years. During that time, thanks to having some brilliant neighbours, they have never had to be put in a cattery when we have gone away. We are planning to spend Christmas with my Dad as he is in our support bubble. We are considering taking them with us - my Dad lives an hour away and there is plenty of room in the house; we would not be allowing them out as that would be a disaster waiting to happen. We intend going for a couple of days. One is very much a people cat and is fine as long as she is with people but the other is more independent. I feel very worried about this. Has anyone else done something similar?

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YesMeLady Tue 15-Dec-20 12:05:46

I would take them if your dad is ok with that. You would need to take their litter trays and something familiar like blankets. Sometimes they piddle on unfamiliar furniture and bedding to mark their territory.

Finfintytint Tue 15-Dec-20 12:10:37

I think it would be too stressful for my Cat and she hates travelling. She takes several days to calm down.
If your neighbour is willing I would ask them to feed them. They can still be careful with lots of swabbing, etc.

MayBlossom Tue 15-Dec-20 12:38:13

Unfortunately, Finfinty, both sets of brilliant neighbours are away themselves over Christmas which is why the situation has arisen. Neither of the cats is overly keen on travelling and I wouldn't entertain it if the journey was longer than an hour.
Yesmelady, we are going to take their beds and trays and a throw they like to sleep on. My Dad is fine about them staying; my parents always had cats until the last two died and then they started worrying about the cats outliving them so didn't want to get any more which is a real shame as Dad is on his own now.

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Wilma55 Tue 15-Dec-20 12:40:33

Depending on how long would an automatic cat feeder do?

helpfulperson Tue 15-Dec-20 12:43:05

I would. If it is just for a couple of days I would keep them in one room. It's better than a cattery which is the other option. Catteries are fine if no other option. And if it doesn't work you wont do it again.

I often take mine away with me.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 15-Dec-20 12:59:15

I'd put them in a cattery. But you probably left it too late to book one.

stella1know Tue 15-Dec-20 13:02:07

I would take them, lots of cushions and blankets and their own litter trays. And keep them in one room only. Check on them regularly and let them sleep with you. Should be ok. Not ideal but ok.

viccat Tue 15-Dec-20 14:54:01

I wouldn't, firstly because cats don't like a change of an environment, and secondly because if you read any lost cat groups, this is a typical scenario where cats go missing. Unless you keep them strictly in one room, it's so, so easy for them to escape and go missing in an unfamiliar area when someone opens a door or a window.

Can you contact local cat sitters to see if you can find someone to visit once a day to feed them instead?

MayBlossom Tue 15-Dec-20 15:45:42

Thank you all for the comments. We are going to look at some alternatives before making a decision. My biggest concern is that raised by Viccat as, although we intend to keep them in, it only takes one lapse of concentration with a door or window and they would be gone and I would never forgive myself.

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