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Best clumping litter for multi cat household!

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Shmithecat2 Mon 07-Dec-20 18:20:33

I've googled and googled. World's Best appears quite a lot, but there does seem to be some damning reviews too, and at that price point, I'd like to be somewhat confident in its performance (6 cats, all indoors for the next week or so as they've just moved house). Thanks!

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MyMumTracyBeaker Mon 07-Dec-20 18:24:07

I use World's Best (the cheaper version) and it's definitely not as good as it was a year ago! It doesn't seem to absorb as well now, so I get a big wet puddle on top, which turns into a mushy slop when I put more litter on top of it. Will be looking to change when I run out.

LabiaMinoraPissusFlapus Mon 07-Dec-20 20:06:35

I use chicken crumb feed topped with world's best. It is the same stuff but the crumb is finer, not as good, but about a quarter of the price of world's best. The two together work well for a better price than world's best on its own.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 07-Dec-20 20:18:04

I use intersand classic or Tigrino, which is cheaper but pretty much the same. My pair share a litter tray.

Bargebill19 Mon 07-Dec-20 21:51:22

Sanicat ultra clumping. Five cats and it brilliant (IMO!)

Bargebill19 Mon 07-Dec-20 21:51:51

Second best - pets at home ultra clumping level 5.

SnowmanDrinkingSnowballs Mon 07-Dec-20 21:56:21

I prefer the wood chip pellets. We get ours from our local equestrian feed store as it is used under horse beds. It is very absorbent and once you empty the litter tray out there is no smell so no need to wash the tray. I have three cats who whilst allowed out all seem to come in to pee and change a large tray twice a week.

lots33 Mon 07-Dec-20 22:00:25

We didn’t get on with worlds best. Having tried lots of brands have settled on biokat diamond from either zoo plus or amazon. Three cat household here and no smells.

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