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Best Food for Sensitive Stomach?

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bellinique Mon 07-Dec-20 16:57:57

Hello fellow cat slaves

Can anybody help to recommend a wet cat food which might help to slow down/solidify my cat's digestive system?

He absolutely loves Felix in jelly but it gives him soft poo and ends in me regularly having to wash his fluffy bottom in the sink - a trauma which we would both like to avoid.

The only food I've found which works is the Applaws chicken with pumpkin but he really doesn't like it and turns his nose up at it more often than not.

If I feed him boiled chicken then that also seems to settle his stomach but I know it doesn't have all the nutrients he needs (and it's a pain to have to cook for him all the time).

Any suggestions please?

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bellinique Mon 07-Dec-20 18:06:31

Hopeful bump...

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 07-Dec-20 22:46:52

I found Iams vitality to be the only thing that doesn't make cheddar sick. But she has dry as neither will eat wet food. I would also get him a hygiene trim. It makes fluffy bloomer incidents easier to deal with. I also avoid the dried meat treats as they go right through both of my cats.

CheshireCats Mon 07-Dec-20 22:49:46

Royal canin Gastrointestinal pouches. There is also a biscuit form. I had a cat who could eat nothing else. It was nothing short of miraculous for her. It's expensive, but worth every penny.

Pegase Tue 08-Dec-20 06:05:29

We have one like this including being washed under the tap. Bloody nightmare. We did about a good few days on nothing but poached chicken which seemed to reset his stomach. Now we stick to very high meat foods with few additives - Natures Menu pouches and high meat dry biscuits. Tbh I think he'd be better with no biscuits at all but I don't want them to get used to wet only. You can also get prokolin paste from Amazon. Didn't help ours but most people rave about it.

bellinique Tue 08-Dec-20 08:24:58

Thanks so much for the suggestions! Some great ideas to try here.

@Toddlerteaplease yes, I will try to do some vanity trimming today. I did it a while ago but it's grown back and you're right, it definitely makes the bloomers easier to deal with!

@CheshireCats I don't mind paying if it will fix the problem. It would be worth it not to have to do the dreaded rear end check every time he visits the litter tray!

@Pegase sorry to hear you've also had to suffer the sink washes! I hadn't heard of prokolin but that looks like it could be a godsend if it works.

Thanks again everyone!

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Toddlerteaplease Tue 08-Dec-20 08:48:26

Trying to shower the rear end of a wriggling wet Persian covered in poo, is not to be recommended!

bellinique Tue 08-Dec-20 09:43:05


Trying to shower the rear end of a wriggling wet Persian covered in poo, is not to be recommended!


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Toddlerteaplease Tue 08-Dec-20 13:13:36

I usually let the vets do it but lock down put paid to that! I survived unscathed and she forgave me after a brief sulk. grin

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