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Cat peeing on bed - help!

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swiftt Sat 05-Dec-20 18:34:18

I have two cats, 5 and 4, they were previously indoor cats as I lived in a flat on a very busy road. I’ve moved to a house with a garden, so they have been enjoying wandering in the garden.

One cat went through a horrible phase of peeing on/in my bed, usually when I wasn’t home. This started a couple of years ago. There weren’t any triggers that I could identify - nothing in her surroundings had changed. I took her to the vet to get checked over, she seemed perfectly healthy and happy. I got a different style of litter tray so that she had some choice, and the litter is always clean end scooped daily. After the 4th episode of this and the replacement of my mattress, I had to start shutting my bedroom door and stopping them having access to that room full stop. She has never peed anywhere else that she shouldn’t, other than my bed. Fast forward to now, I’m moving back to a flat and currently 13 weeks pregnant. She will still be able to have some access to the outdoors as it’s in a quieter area. But I just can’t go through the trauma of having her revert to peeing on my bed or worse, the baby’s things.

What can I do to try and prevent this from happening? Previously I had tried a citrus spray for the bed. She wouldn’t do it every day, it would happen once then maybe again a couple of weeks or months later. The last time she did it I had just allowed her access to the room for the first time in months, and she peed in bed within 10 mins of being in the room. Does she just find it comfy?! It’s a feather duvet. I read something about tinfoil which they hate the sound/feel of. I’m at my wits end and heartbroken that I may have to rehome her if she carries on, it’s not something I can put up with when there’s a baby on the scene, as well as being on my own.

Please help, and please no judgement on considering rehoming her - I’m horribly upset just thinking about it.

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dasey Sat 05-Dec-20 18:37:40

I was also at my wits end with this, just the one corner of the carpet, tried allsorts, cleaning it with an enzyme cleaner, putting things in the way, citrus, pepper. In the end tinfoil worked, he's never been near since. How this would work on a bed though I'm not sure!

swiftt Sat 05-Dec-20 18:51:20

@dasey good to know. I was thinking of lining underneath the duvet with tinfoil, and hoped the noise would put her off. Or on top but then she might bury under it if she’s really determined...

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dasey Sat 05-Dec-20 19:36:56

With my cat it's more of a visual thing, he has never even been near it rather than being put off by how it feels.
I learnt this by accident, he used to pee there at a certain time each day so I thought I'd put down tinfoil so I can hear the rustle and shoo him away before he pees. But I never even heard a rustle. I don't think he ever stepped on it.
As I said a bed is difficult as it's a large surface area but perhaps putting a strip across the bottom of the bed would deter?

swiftt Sat 05-Dec-20 19:52:17

@dasey oh I see! I’m willing to give anything a try at this point.

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