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Jealousy and Fighting

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DingDongDenny Fri 27-Nov-20 12:14:56

I have two Maine Coons, a brother and sister. They are 3 years old. The brother is more bonded to me and the sister to my DH. Lately they have been fighting a lot - and meaning it! and it seems to be around jealousy and wanting to 'own' both of us

At the moment the girl cat is spending more time with me and so the boy cat is jealous and attacks her. He is then spending more time with DH and the same thing happens in reverse.

Also, if the girl cat is sitting with me getting a fuss and my DH walks in, she leaps away from me and pretends it never happened

Ideally, I'd like the cats to stop fighting and for them both to get attention off us both without any drama - any suggestions?

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DingDongDenny Fri 27-Nov-20 22:08:50


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Cailleach1 Sat 28-Nov-20 00:17:00

You could regularly involve them both in something like a game with a laser pen. Togetherness after a fashion.

Other than that, is tolerating each other so terrible? We have siblings who sometimes go through periods of a cold war. I think they are both happy enough, though. That is when there isn't oneupmanship going on.

I hope your furry bundles mellow. As, I do mine.

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