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Farty Kitten! Ragdoll (with pics) Food opinions please?

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Laiste Fri 27-Nov-20 16:03:33

Yes trial and error. i think we're going to just have to feel our way through this one thing at a time. All dry food today and a firmer poo. A couple of gassy clouds ...

He had 90% royal canin kitten and a handful of orijen mixed in. We'll keep at it.

Sleepy kittens are indeed the most adorable thing! He just gets away with murder here with his little face grin

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GenuineKlatchianPottery Fri 27-Nov-20 10:26:35

He is so cute. Sleepy kittens are so adorable.

CoronaCurls Fri 27-Nov-20 09:25:05

So gorgeous!
My kittens really like James Wellbeloved dry food and Applaws tins and have very firm poo and no farting.

It can be trial and error unfortunately to find what food agrees with them!

Laiste Fri 27-Nov-20 09:10:33

And now he’s gone to sleep

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Laiste Fri 27-Nov-20 09:08:38

Here he is that should be.

Havelock is glorious by the way smile We had a seal point before we had our blue. I miss him hugely.

Kitten is a lilac point for anyone interested smile

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Laiste Fri 27-Nov-20 09:06:21

Here is this morning looking like butter wouldn’t melt ...

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Laiste Fri 27-Nov-20 09:05:20

Toddlerteaplease You're not wrong! I was there for a good while yesterday with the baby wipes cleaning his 'trousers' <heave>

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 26-Nov-20 22:22:41

I have bad memories of an emergency trip to the vet for a bath and haircut after a post dried duck treat poonami!
Diarrhoea and long haired cars are not a good mix!

GenuineKlatchianPottery Thu 26-Nov-20 20:40:18

Havelock is on Iam’s, the long haired variety. When we first got him he was a champion farter and could clear a room in seconds.
He’s always got his dry food available and water (which he enjoys paddling in). But, he doesn’t like any wet food at all, he occasionally enjoys a mackerel fillet mushed in with lik-e-lix and goes bonkers for Asda’s dried duck pieces for a treat.

Laiste Thu 26-Nov-20 19:33:39

Ooh two votes for Iams.

I guess i'm just nervous about shifting him off the royal canin so soon after getting him. I really think the pouches are causing the problem now as yesterday he had dry food only and was ok poowise (but farty) but this morning i gave him a pouch and today he's had a dodgy poo (and farty). Sigh. I wont give him his evening pouch. He begs for his wet pouches bless him sad

Maybe i'll stick with just dry for a few days and then slowly start to add a sprinkle of the Orijen in (which is cat and kitten actually) which is high protein.

I've just spent £12 on a box of RC pouches as well!

SO many breeders use RC. I think the breeder of my 10 year old raggie used it and the breeders of my 2 dogs (departed now) did as well.

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 26-Nov-20 12:08:25

My first Persians did really well on RC Persian. My 3rd one just didn't tolerate it at all and she was sick +++. So swapped to Iams vitality and she's fine on that.

TheSpottedZebra Thu 26-Nov-20 11:21:28

Not pedigree, mogs, but my now 1yos were terribly farty kittens. They also had intermittent low level diarrhoea.
We ended up making them grain free and they have been fine ever since.

So I'd try grain free. Ours are on Sainsbury's own wet, plus iams dry. First kitten, now adult cat.

And your cats are all lovely grin

Laiste Thu 26-Nov-20 11:14:12

Kitten plus my lovely lady smile

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Laiste Thu 26-Nov-20 11:09:53

Can someone talk to me about cat food!? smile This is a bit long and boring.

My male kitten is 4 months old and is a little wind bag! He's a pedigree, he's wormed and is on the food the breeder suggested. I've had him for 4 weeks.

For info. I have an adult raggy (10) but her wet and dry food is away where the kitten doesn't go so he's is definitely only eating what he's meant to. She has Orijen dry (££ online) and Sheba fresh choice in jelly (supermarket). She's in fab condition. Never any farting! grin

Kitten's breeder recommended:
Royal Canin Kitten dry (available all the time and both cats seem to love it)
Royal Canin wet pouches
Thrive kitten food in tins

Through trial and error i discovered the Thrive tins (food looks like cooked plain chicken in white gravy) made his poo runny. Stopped with that.

Royal Canin pouches in gravy make his poo soft. Recently stopped that.

Royal Canin pouches in jelly - poo is much better but we still have this farting! (and the jelly pouches are hard to get hold of even online)

So: is it the royal canin do we think? Anyone else had farty kittens on royal canin? (I know their food is not grain free, it's why i feed Orijen to my adult raggy).

What's everyone else's experiences been with different kitten foods?

pics to follow

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