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Cat with Allergies?

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Kakiweewee Tue 24-Nov-20 23:25:24

I've had Ghost for about a month now. I adopted her from an overcrowding hoarder situation and she's more than likely had cat flu. She's eleven or twelve months old (And fully vaccinated now)

She arrived with an eye issue, probably a conjunctivitis, and has had steroid eye drops and an antibiotic injection.

The eye hasn't really improved and I'm noticing some discharge from her nose too. She's started scratching around her head a lot and today I've noticed redness, scabbing and probably some crusty fur from bleeding. She's also had diarrhoea on occasion. She grooms a lot more than I'm used to as well.

She's definitely flea free and no collar as she's indoor only. I think it might be her beef and chicken food, not the fish flavours judging by itchiness and diarrhoea. I think she's half Balinese if that has any relevance, foster said half ragdoll, but she's a tiny thing.

Vets on Thursday, I'm just wondering if I'm on the right path here and what might happen next if the vet agrees.

I'm looking at switching her onto a grain free salmon dry food from wet Felix, which is what she was used to eating at the fosters house. Also looked at a fish oil supplement to help with dry skin.

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Kakiweewee Tue 24-Nov-20 23:32:52

Oh, forgot to pay the cat tax. You can't see her eyes, but they are the palest blue! She's my beautiful girl.

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Lonecatwithkitten Wed 25-Nov-20 05:18:16

For food allergies you need to start with a hydrolysed diet use it for at least 12 weeks if things improve wait another couple months before doing food challenge. Most clients including myself stick with the hydrolysed diet of it works. My own cat with allergies is on Hills z/d.

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