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Would love some help finding this cat toy

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TinyBlueBird Tue 24-Nov-20 12:31:02

Hi all,

My six month old ragdoll has a favourite toy, blue bird. He utterly adores this thing. He sleeps with it, carries it around the house in his mouth. He will walk up and drop it at my or my husbands feet when he wants to play. He can’t leave the room without taking it with him. He basically hates all his other toys. It’s ridiculous how much he loves this stupid bird.

The issue is that it’s getting old. The feathers have all come out, the string has broken twice and been fixed, and the stick has bent enough that when he pulls on it I’m constantly worried it will snap.

We bought it in Homesense in July, and since then I’ve checked Homesense and TK a few times with no luck. I’ve also had no joy online.

I was wondering if anyone had seen one anywhere? Picture attached- the brand is hard to read but I think it says Cosmic Catnip?

We are based in Berkshire but would travel if necessary. He really loves this dumbass bird.

Many thanks in advance if anyone can help!

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samlh Tue 24-Nov-20 13:12:19

I found this, which is similar but not the same.

I tried to find the one you have already but no luck x

TinyBlueBird Tue 24-Nov-20 13:43:48

Thanks for looking!

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MrsTwitcher Tue 24-Nov-20 13:50:34

is this it, it's a long way to travel though!! sometimes cats don't like it if you replace their favourite toy

MrsTwitcher Tue 24-Nov-20 13:54:06

you could contact them and ask if they can post one or have any UK suppliers

TinyBlueBird Tue 24-Nov-20 16:40:06

Yes that’s it! Well done! Next time I’m in Michigan I guess 😅

At least I have a brand name now- thanks!

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MrsTwitcher Tue 24-Nov-20 17:10:08

They might ship you one over🐱

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