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Cat allergies

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Orangelover Mon 23-Nov-20 22:38:26

We're in between house moves at the minute and are staying with my parents who have kindly helped us out during this stressful time!

They were happy to have us and our little fury friend however it turns out my mum
Is very allergic to him! She's on 2x antihistamines a day at the moment after being advised to double up by the GP but she's even wheezing at night. She can cope with the runny nose and itchy eyes but it seems to be affecting her chest, all symptoms resolve when out of the house for a few hours. She's had covid tests with her work so we know it's not that as well!

I feel so bad! I've messaged a couple of local catteries tonight because I really don't want to make my mum Ill but not sure what their rules will be regarding lockdown sad my mum loves the cat and doesn't want to see him turfed out but i can't let him make her suffer! We should hopefully only be here another couple of weeks.

Any suggestions for cat allergy relief?

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FrankieChips Tue 24-Nov-20 10:47:50

When I first adopted my second cat (after a 10 year gap) I had the same symptoms for 3 weeks. I was wheezing so badly I almost gave him up. But then I seemed to get used to him and I've never had any cat allergies since.

Not sure if this will happen with your Mum though. How long has your cat been with them?

Orangelover Tue 24-Nov-20 11:56:40

We've been here two weeks. She was ok at first, bit snotty but has got progressively worse. I've now got a completion date for our purchase so she really wants to just cope for the next couple of weeks but I feel awful!

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