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Ibizafun Sun 08-Nov-20 20:03:22

We’re having our 6 month old kitten spayed tomorrow and I’m just wondering how other kittens have reacted to the cone and whether they’re in any pain?

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Missc2001 Sun 08-Nov-20 23:09:40

Hi @Ibizafun my kitten refused the cone. I ended up making a onesie from a pair of tights. She was a bit sensitive for a couple of days (very very moody) but played as if nothing was wrong.

Ibizafun Mon 09-Nov-20 08:21:53

Thanks MissC that’s a really good idea as I’ve no doubt mine will be the same. Rummaging through my old tights...

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Mumdiva99 Mon 09-Nov-20 11:06:50

@ibizafun I hope your kitten is ok, and that you aren't too anxious.

My kittens are booked for next month. Do I have to get them a cone or will the vet supply it? How long will they wear it for?

Ibizafun Mon 09-Nov-20 11:35:52

Thanks Mumdiva I’ve just dropped her off.. they give you a cone, vet said it stays on usually 2 days depending on how wound is healing. We have another kitten who’s quite rough, I’m going to separate them tonight I think.

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Mumdiva99 Mon 09-Nov-20 12:20:51

Let me know how you and the kitten get on. I'm especially interested in you separating them. It's something I mentioned to the vet receptionist....but I don't know if it would add more stress to mine who are usually always together - at night at least.

Ibizafun Tue 10-Nov-20 23:34:31

Mumdiva99 she got the hard cone and has been really distressed, walking backwards and desperate to get it off. She was in such a state the first night that although they are inseparable, we took her up with us. Definitely the right move as she just needed peace and I was worried her brother would lick the wound causing infection.

It’s been a hellish 2 days but it’s hopefully coming off in the morning. Best of luck with yoursflowers

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Mumdiva99 Wed 11-Nov-20 06:09:25

Oh dear poor baby. I hope she heals well. I will clear my diary and expect a challenging couple of days when ours are done.

Missc2001 Wed 11-Nov-20 11:41:52

@Ibizafun glad to hear the op went fine. My vet told me that the cone has to stay on 7 days.

Ibizafun Wed 11-Nov-20 21:34:51

Thanks Mumdiva and Missc2001. Two horrendous days she found it almost impossible to eat or drink and definitely needed me.

But this afternoon it came off and the scar is small and already so healed. I cannot believe Missc2001 your vet wants to keep the hard cone on for 7 days; that is beyond tolerable and in my (non veterinary) opinion totally unnecessary. Perhaps he/she is thinking of a soft cone?

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Missc2001 Thu 12-Nov-20 22:09:21

@Ibizafun no hard collar and 7 days 😳. But she was ok with onesie we took it off inbetween just to give her a break as she was sighing like a teenager with it on 😂. They def very vulnerable after the op, especially the females I believe as it is interfering with their hormones. Glad to hear her stitches were fine after 2 days.

Ibizafun Fri 13-Nov-20 23:02:43

Missc thanks, wasn’t much fun for my dh as I’m hormonal with menopause, dd was on a period and the cat’s hormones were off the clockgrin

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Missc2001 Sat 14-Nov-20 22:05:02

@Ibizafun 😂 I can imagine that. My husband also has to put up with me and young adult daughter. And now a female kitten. He wasn’t here when she was spayed but she was really sensitive and swiped at us a couple of times. Luckily back to her old self. Younger kitten is a boy and I think they have it easier after the op. Is your baby back to her old self yet?

Ibizafun Sun 15-Nov-20 21:32:25

MissC I’m glad your kitten’s back to her old self. I’ve also heard the males have it easier. Our kitten was back to herself the moment the cone came off, although unfortunately her old self isn’t particularly friendly!!!

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MrsSchadenfreude Sun 15-Nov-20 21:35:14

We made our kitten a onesie out of a t shirt sleeve. The cone was really distressing her and she has been much happier with her little outfit.

Ibizafun Mon 16-Nov-20 08:26:22

MrsSchadenfreude how long did she have it on for and how did she manage the litter tray?

The cones are absolutely horrendous but only on 48 hours, after which she licked her wound, apparently something in the saliva helps with healing. That was a week ago and the scar has healed perfectly.

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MrsSchadenfreude Mon 16-Nov-20 20:40:14

We were told that she shouldn’t lick her wound. She has had her onesie on for five days so far (went to vet for check up today). We’re going to make her another one tomorrow. The vet said to keep it on for two weeks but I think it can come off in a few days.

MrsSchadenfreude Mon 16-Nov-20 20:47:27

The bum area is free of onesie (will try to take a photo) @Ibizafun

Ibizafun Mon 16-Nov-20 20:51:30

If there’s any way you could show a pic I’d be so grateful as we are having her brother done soon!

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Veterinari Mon 16-Nov-20 21:14:10

Just to clarify, cones are sometimes preferred as they prevent wound interference but they are not essential and are increasingly controversial. I generally don't use them for a number of reasons:

Anything that impairs feeding, drinking, and sleeping impairs post operative wound healing and is bad for animal welfare.

They're often stressful - stress hormones impair wound healing and are bad for animal welfare.

Wound licking is a sign of pain - if a patient is painful I want to know so that I can treat the pain, not stop them from showing signs of the pain by effectively disabling them with a cone.

Pets without cones do need greater supervision but any animal that can't eat or drink properly because of a cone generally shouldn't be wearing one

Ibizafun Sat 21-Nov-20 20:54:54

Understood Veterinari, but my kitten didn’t seem in pain at all (she had painkillers) but just seemed to lick off the dried blood from the wound (yuk sorry).

We have just cured our boy of FIP (feline peritonitis) so his op has been delayed but I have already bought a soft cone for him as I agree the hard ones are inhumane.

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