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Have to have our cat put down - heartbroken

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whatwouldidowithoutu Fri 06-Nov-20 18:11:48

Our lovely girl is only four. She’s had a really hard life. When she was just one year old she was shot in our garden with a BB gun, which ultimately led to having to get her front leg amputated. Since then it’s all gone downhill. She’s had happy times, especially outside in the garden (we’ve since moved out of London) and in particular loves cuddling me and my husband. But she’s never been the same since. She’s had repetitive issues with her back leg and we’ve recently found out she has a tumour in it. The vet thought it was malignant so we’ve been giving her anti inflammatories and painkillers. Over the last few months we’ve noticed she’s not putting any weight at all on the back leg so is using just two legs to get around. She rarely goes outside, especially now it’s colder and darker. She eats well and still purrs, coming down for cuddles once our son has gone to bed. But a few weeks ago we noticed a lot of blood coming from her mouth. My OH checked it out and it stopped. Took her in to the vet this morning for flea and worming treatment and a general check of her hind leg. Due to Covid I couldn’t go in with her. Vet comes out and says she has multiple issues and is obviously in a great deal of pain. He thinks she now has cancer in her mouth and said she’s very thin. He said we need to decide whether to get X-rays and biopsies done to see exactly what it is (although regardless of this she couldn’t live without another leg) or have her put to sleep. I have spent the entire day crying. I feel so sad for her. Such a short, sweet life. Please can anyone give me advice on how to get through this.

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catlovingdoctor Fri 06-Nov-20 18:18:31

The poor baby- sounds like she had tough times but you still gave her lots of love. Its very difficult; but it gets better with time but you have to let yourself grieve. Don't try and fight it. Cry, shout, anything. I am so sorry X

Babdoc Fri 06-Nov-20 18:19:32

OP, I’m so sorry - 4 is very young, you would normally have had many years before having to deal with this.
But I think you have to put your own feelings aside and do what is best for your cat. Discuss it with your vet, but if they think she is suffering and recommend putting her to sleep, please accept the advice.
Ending her life gently and painlessly is the final act of love for your cat. You will want to remember her happy times with you, not be haunted by guilt that you prolonged her pain.

GiantKitten Fri 06-Nov-20 18:23:06

So sad to read this. I don’t have any experience to share but it doesn’t sound good for the poor love.

Would it be possible to have her home again for a day or so, and then the vet come to your house and put her to sleep with you there?

(There are some 2-legged cats though, if that makes any difference to your decision.)

Beamur Fri 06-Nov-20 18:27:11

That's really sad. Poor kitty has had more than her fair share of misfortune hasn't she?
I guess all you can do is see what the vet recommends is in her best interest.
My gorgeous boy died at 5 from kidney failure that the vets had missed (despite multiple opportunities) and an infection he just couldn't fight off.
Sometimes we only get them for a few years..

KeepOnKeepingOnKeepingOn Fri 06-Nov-20 18:29:43

We put our cat down in January. It was actually DPs cat - but I really fell in love with her since we moved in together a few years ago. It's heartbreaking. And no quick fix unfortunately. Poor baby, a tough innings by the sounds of it. Keep those memories safe. Sending you all the love x

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 06-Nov-20 19:46:13

4 is no age to lose a cat and life has not been fair to her at all. I’m so sorry it’s awful losing them at any age.

Zzz1234 Fri 06-Nov-20 19:52:02

I would PTS, spent £1000's on a dog doing everything possible and it just prolonged her pain and she died a few days later.
Sorry for your baby x

whatwouldidowithoutu Sat 07-Nov-20 11:29:21

Thank you all for the kind words. We feel so sad. Her life has been a tough one and it’s not enough time. The thing I’m struggling with the most is that she is still eating, she still comes down for food and uses a litter tray or goes outside to poo. It’s as if I feel guilty? Does she want to die? I guess I’ll never know.

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StartingGrid Sat 07-Nov-20 11:35:36

@whatwouldidowithoutu I'm so sorry your lovely girl is struggling. 4 is no age whatsoever, but at least your baby has had more love and care in her short lifetime than a lot of cats get in far longer. I had my 20 year old boy PTS earlier in the year due to kidney failure, its such a hard thing to do. Is your girl insured at all, would it be worth getting a scan just to see exactly what she's having to deal with? It may help reinforce any decision you make. flowers

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