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What to do about thug neighbour cat?

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Butwhhhyyyyyyy Tue 03-Nov-20 15:55:19

My cat is just over 1 year old and is a very outdoor laid back kitty, he is regularly being attacked by the thug cat, 2nd vet visit in 6 weeks has cost me £200 so far and X rays maybe if he gets worse.

I had to shoo him with a brush last week as he would t stop attacking the cat, I can't keep him in as he loves being out, what else can I do though.?

Oh, neighbours are not approachable so no help there.

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madcatladyforever Tue 03-Nov-20 15:59:28

I literally wouldn't know what to do, my neighbour has a cat, a sweet, timid little thing, and we have discussed this, when my lovely elderly cat finally crosses the rainbow bridge I will only get another lovely natured rescue with a track record of getting on with other cats.
Her little girl was absolutely terrorised by the previous owner of my house's cats which would stalk her daily and it's lovely to see her coming out of her shell and interacting with my placid old cat.
I think if I was in this situation the safety of my own cat would be paramount and I'd either cat proof my garden or build a catio.
No point talking to people like that, they will not do anything, will probably be aggressive towards you and it's not against the law. I know it's not fair but thats what I would do.

MrsTwitcher Tue 03-Nov-20 16:04:07

Thats so sad. Our local thug chased our cat through the window hissing and growling at her. She loved being outside so I went with her and water pistolled thug whenever I saw him. It was communal flats so we couldnt stop him. Can you catproof your garden.

Esmeralda1988 Tue 03-Nov-20 16:06:28

I chuck water at our local thug..from a distance because the first time I went to shoosh him off the fence he went for me. He legs it when he sees me coming with the watering can now

JorisBonson Tue 03-Nov-20 16:09:17

We have a thug cat, we chuck water at her. It doesn't stop her but it does make the attacks less frequent.

I hear you OP, we had 2 of ours in the vet in the space of 3 days because of her.

FingersCrossedForAllOfUs Tue 03-Nov-20 16:10:07

I was going to suggest hosing thug cat, I know it doesn’t sound very nice but what else can you do. It won’t cause harm it will just annoy him.
Otherwise as PP suggested cat proof fencing or a catio so that your DCat can be safe outside.

My darling DCat had the same trouble a few years ago with a thug cat who purposely came by daily to upset him. She would come to the patio doors and make a horrible wailing noise and my DCat would just look at her in complete amazement. She was so aggressive! Then one day thug cat attacked DCat on the lawn and I hosed thug cat to get her away. Poor DCat lost some claws and had to go to the vet. Thug cat did stop coming around so much after that. I think a couple of Dcat’s claws might have ended up in thug cat.

JorisBonson Tue 03-Nov-20 16:34:55

Our thug cat likes to chase our littlest cat in and then hammer on the cat flap. Once she hammered it off the door and almost severed his tail. So I have no qualms in hosing her.

Butwhhhyyyyyyy Tue 03-Nov-20 18:04:59

Thanks all, sounds like there's a few thug cats around, I can't get near enough to hose it, when it sees sees me it usually runs, as it should. They dont let anymof their 3/4 cats in or feed them much so it's always trying to get into our house, I think it's jealous of my 2 well fed chonkies.

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 03-Nov-20 18:08:29

So the poor things being neglected then.

squee123 Tue 03-Nov-20 18:10:56

another vote for cat proofing. Then your cat can enjoy the garden in peace.

Although if they aren't taking care of it I'd be inclined to treat it as a stray and get it humanely trapped and let a rescue find it a nice home that will feed it.

PawPrincess Tue 03-Nov-20 18:19:59

All you can do ie spend money on cat proofing your garden perimeter rather than future vet bills. A pretty way is thorny climbers on all walls and fences but they take time to grow and are expensive if mature bought from a garden centre. Look online for cat proofing ideas.

CrystalMaisie Tue 03-Nov-20 19:42:27

Ring rspca and report neglected cats? Are they not allowed indoors when very cold or raining?

Butwhhhyyyyyyy Tue 03-Nov-20 20:39:01

No they dont seem to go indoors any weather, their always under cars or trying to get in people's houses, not just mine, guy across the road feeds one and the cat has adopted him.

Dont really want to catproof the fence as my little one has a cute girlfriend next door the same age who he plays lovely with. I will keep my dc squirty gun out at the ready.

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 03-Nov-20 21:06:08

Oh that’s awful, they must be so cold and vulnerable out there.

FingersCrossedForAllOfUs Tue 03-Nov-20 23:04:11

If you put up the cat proof fencing, could you make a little secret door in the fence so your cats girlfriend can visit?!

Butwhhhyyyyyyy Wed 04-Nov-20 08:20:15

Fingers crossed, thats a good idea actually, will speak to nice neighbour. Mondo feel sorry for them as one has a limo and has for about a year, no vet visit obviously and when they lose a cat they just replace it with another. They do look cold and bedraggled especially in the winter so maybe a call to RSPCA would be a kindness really.

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FingersCrossedForAllOfUs Wed 04-Nov-20 09:32:30

Yes please call the RSPCA, they should not be allowed to treat animals do despicably.

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