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7 mth old with gingivitis

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purdypuma Mon 02-Nov-20 21:51:01


7 mth old male has been to vets today. Whilst there I have asked the vet to check his mouth as he's very particular with textures relating to food, only liking wet food that is kind of shredded & cat soups. He does not like chunks of meat. He also loves his dry kitten food. He enjoys a chew stick but I have to hold it upright for him to chew down on it.
Vet has checked & it appears that he has gingivitis already! I have been advised to change his dry food to adult & wait until after his second vaccinations next week.
Does anybody have any experience with this? TIA

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clanger71 Tue 03-Nov-20 08:36:34

Mine had it at around the same age and had his teeth cleaned/scraped. Vet told me to switch to dry food. I didn't, but I did increase the amount of dry a bit. As an adult he gets 2 pouches of wet and a couple of handfuls of dry now. I think it might be related to gums being sore due to teething - anyway my little fella is over 2 now and its resolved itself so hopefully itll be the same for your little chap.

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