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Having second thoughts about letting them out...

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Bargebill19 Tue 27-Oct-20 22:56:16

I don’t have children. Windows can have mesh inserts or coverings so cars can’t leap out. I have a mesh panel we use when we want the doors left open - or the cats go out on a lead attached to something solid and kept an eye on.
I admit it may not work for you, but something to think about?

EerilyDeleted Tue 27-Oct-20 22:08:53

I would at least keep them in till after Bonfire Night.

DecomDiva Tue 27-Oct-20 22:06:37

Is it not dreadfully difficult to have a house cat? Our windows are usually open all the time. And usually at least one door. Children in and out all the time. DH going back and forth to the garage. It has been a major shift not to let them out accidentally!

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Bargebill19 Tue 27-Oct-20 21:22:59

You can bring them up as house cats. Ours are and I take them out in a harness and lead. I really do get your concern.

BrightSunshineDay Tue 27-Oct-20 20:53:45

6 months is quite young. You don't have to let them out yet, probably best wait until spring.

copernicium Tue 27-Oct-20 20:50:45

I think if you let them out hungry, they'll either bring you back a gift, or go in another house to eat?

DecomDiva Tue 27-Oct-20 20:47:04

Managed to post this twice - a message told me it didn't post first time!

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DecomDiva Tue 27-Oct-20 20:46:07


I have two kittens coming up to 6 months old, getting spayed on Monday and the plan was then to let them outside.

But as the time approaches I'm a total nervous wreck. Every time I open Facebook another local cat is missing or been lost on a local road. There are only residential roads nearby - 20 and 30mph limits / but still seems very common.

The garden isn't suitable for a catio.

Is it normal to be this worried. Did you all just go for it and hope all would be well?

Shall I not feed them when letting them out for the first few weeks so they are hungry and need to come back?

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