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Cat harassing my kittens?

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Soddingsoda Wed 23-Sep-20 11:58:46

The house behind us (the gardens back onto each other) has a female cat that’s a few years old (I’m naming her scar as she’s bit of an arsehole). Before we got our kittens a lot of neighbouring cats enjoyed our garden as there’s a few sheds left open/green house/over grown at the back. Since our kittens have been outside all the other cats apart from scar have disappeared. Scar used to have a wander around but as soon as she saw a human she went straight back home.

I have two 8 month old male kittens that are absolute bundles of happiness/full of adventure and loving exploring our garden (as of yet they’ve not ventured to the garden behind us —just to our elderly neighbours who I think may be giving them lots of fusses and treats—) they’re also absolute cowards and scared of any other cat especially Scar.

The first time the kittens met scar they were weary but didn’t bother each other. Now scar is harassing them. She’s constantly coming through the conservatory window/sitting at the window trying to aggravate them. She’s chasing them up of the garden and sometimes she chases them around the house house.

My kitten has just pulled down the curtain as scar chased him into the living room. There’s hissing, screaming at each other. I feel bad for my poor kitties.

I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried hissing at scar but then my cats just do a runner and scar doesn’t seem to care. I thought about chasing her back to her house with a frying pan but she comes around anytime of day.

Should I speak to her owner and maybe get the cats on leads to meet each other/encourage positive engagement?

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Butwhhhyyyyyyy Wed 23-Sep-20 12:09:26

I had this problem with my neighbours young cat, I kept a water spray and sprayed her every time she came near the house or my cat, worked a treat, even if she's in the garden she scarpers when she see's me, worth a try.

Deux Wed 23-Sep-20 12:15:01

I think I’d substitute the frying pan with a pan lid and wooden spoon grin.

I used to have this when my 2 were kittens and I’d sprint out to the garden like a banshee waving my arms And making a noise and the invader eventually got the message.

Of course my 2 are now nearly 2 and I had to intervene recently when one of them was harassing a kitten. Circle of life I suppose.

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