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litter tray help please

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Karmagoat Fri 18-Sep-20 21:17:46

brought our newly adopted 1 year old girl home today! we had been advised to put her in one room with all her stuff but she's been roaming about making herself at home!
Would it be ok to just put her litter tray and food where I planned to once she was settled (litter tray in bathroom and food in the kitchen) if she has been happy to wander the house?

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NancyBotwinBloom Fri 18-Sep-20 21:32:05

I think so yes. Put her next to it and show her. She will know what it's for.

maggiethecat Fri 18-Sep-20 23:47:49

Snap! We just got our newly adopted girl today too - she's about 2. She's been roaming about the house and is very chatty. She's had her food/water in the kitchen and the litter tray in the downstairs loo hasn't been touched yet (home since about 5pm and she's constantly picking at her food so would have thought she'd need to have a poo by now).
Her bed is in the living room but she's not been near that yet, found her in dd's bed grin

Karmagoat Sat 19-Sep-20 07:35:31

@maggiethecat she is gorgeous! we've had success! she has pooed in her litter tray!she hasn't seemed to eat much though but e didn't get her till 6 yesterday evening from her foster. I think she's too busy exploring grin

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OllysArmy Sat 19-Sep-20 07:49:30

Our previous cat was adult when she was adopted and from the moment she arrived the whole house was hers. She was bold, loved exploring and finding new weird places to sleep.
Our current 2 were rescue kittens and scared of their own shadow, they stayed in 1 room and slowly built up confidence.
If your cat is happy all is well, carry on and congratulations.

Bargebill19 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:22:53

Both utterly gorgeous!!

maggiethecat Sat 19-Sep-20 08:51:28

Karma - yours is lovely and looks so relaxed! Lola did a poo this morning - no mistaking! But I am a bit concerned as it has quite a bit of red in and not sure if it's blood. Just posted about this.

Toddlerteaplease Sat 19-Sep-20 10:21:31

Both absolutely beautiful!

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