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Diabetic cat

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Foggyday124 Fri 18-Sep-20 14:52:32

Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me.

I have an elderly cat who’s been on insulin for the past three years because diabetic. She was doing so well that the dose was even lowered. She never drank water so we always made her food wetter by adding some to it.

She’s been drinking a lot for her standards for the past two weeks and then cannot ignore it anymore.
My husband took her to the vet today but they couldn’t draw blood so they told us to go back nex week. He will do a curve tomorrow but I was hoping someone had experience here of what it might be. It’s really worrying me now that I know tests have been delayed.

Thank you.

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jellybeanz1212 Fri 18-Sep-20 14:58:58

It could possibly the start of renal failure.

jellybeanz1212 Fri 18-Sep-20 14:59:50

Also sending love to you and your cat. It's great to hear they have been doing so well on insulin.

Foggyday124 Fri 18-Sep-20 17:06:05

It’s really what I was worried to hear 😕😕
Thank you though.

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Vinorosso74 Fri 18-Sep-20 17:40:04

Her insulin requirements may have changed especially if she's not had a glucose curve done for a while.

Foggyday124 Fri 18-Sep-20 19:46:24

Thank you, I hope that’s the case, though the change has been so sudden...

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Vinorosso74 Fri 18-Sep-20 22:23:05

Fingers crossed for you. I guess see what the curve shows and hopefully the vet can get a blood sample for other tests.
Our old girl also had IBD (amongst other things) so her insulin requirements increased when she had a flare up then back down when the IBD was stable. I lost count of how many glucose curves I did! I also had times when I had more contact with our vet than close friends/family.

Vinorosso74 Sun 20-Sep-20 17:27:08

How did the readings go for the glucose curve?

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