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Cat Just staring into space

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moolady1977 Sat 12-Sep-20 23:34:30

So since us getting home about teatime tonight our cat pixie has sat staring into space and I mean staring ,first into the corners of the room then at the ceiling then really quickly from the wall to the ceiling I've checked and double checked for spiders and nothing , no cobwebs or anything and it's really freaky she has done it before but to my dsd and was staring at the corner of the ceiling just behind her ,is she normal or I'd she seeing something that we aren't seeing .

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TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Sat 12-Sep-20 23:42:54


madcatladyforever Sun 13-Sep-20 20:15:27

definitely ghosts, I am sure cats just do this to freak us out. It's probably a microscopic insect. Or a ghostly insect.

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