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My boy is being PTS this morning and I am not coping

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BabyMoonPie Tue 08-Sep-20 09:30:41

We've had him since we brought him home from a rescue as a kitten and he is now 14. Mostly in good health apart from being overweight as he's always been a greedy boy. He started being unwell in May and we found out he had serious kidney disease. Thought it was under control but he had another episode and there's nothing that the vet can do for him. We brought him home after his consultation yesterday so we could say goodbye but I am really struggling. 3.7 yo DD was upset yesterday but that might have been because I was upset. It's the right thing to do but I am going to miss him so much.

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JorisBonson Tue 08-Sep-20 09:42:56

So sorry for your loss flowers

Bargebill19 Tue 08-Sep-20 09:44:00

I’m so sorry. 💐💐

Itsrainingnotmen Tue 08-Sep-20 09:44:09

Sorry for your loss. We lost our boy in April..
Such a hole.

CarrieFour Tue 08-Sep-20 09:46:22

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Have been in almost you exact situation recently and I won't lie. It was one of the saddest times of my life.

But I promise the worst part is the night before and the lead up to the appointment.

Once they have been PTS you are incredibly sad for yourself but all of the worry about your wonderful pet goes away. And to know they aren't suffering brings a stillness that helps the grief.

It's been a couple of months for me and I still miss my girl every day. But the aching sadness passed.

We opted for a private cremation which I did think helped a lot. Got a special urn with a candle next to it.

Huge love to you today. Xxxxx Thank you for being his family.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 08-Sep-20 10:19:39

Yes. The worse part is the lead up. My girl had a beautiful and peaceful death. Cuddled in my arms with her sister by her side. I also opted for private cremation. If you can get nice pictures of his paw pads you can get jewellery/key rings made.

BabyMoonPie Tue 08-Sep-20 10:22:22

Thanks all for your kind words. The appointment is 11 so we're nearly there. I'm going to go and have a cuddle on the sofa before we put him in his travel crate

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BabyMoonPie Tue 08-Sep-20 14:26:41

He's gone. I am in pieces but it was his time. We're getting pawprints but his ashes will be scattered in the crematorium's garden of remembrance. He went to the vet on his bed and will be cremated with it so he was comfortable and it really was like going to sleep. I'm trying to pull myself together for when DD comes back from nursery

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JorisBonson Tue 08-Sep-20 14:45:02

So sorry @BabyMoonPie. At least he was comfortable at the end xxx

Tavannach Tue 08-Sep-20 16:45:52

I'm so sorry. It's terribly dofficult.

CarrieFour Tue 08-Sep-20 17:51:28

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Be kind to yourself the next few days.

How lucky your are to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard. thanks

chocolatespiders Tue 08-Sep-20 18:31:37

So sorry for your loss. What a gorgeous cat.

DrDetriment Tue 08-Sep-20 18:35:46

I'm so sorry. What a lovely cat and my heart goes out to you.

BabyMoonPie Wed 09-Sep-20 07:44:31

Thanks again for the kind words. He was such a character and a big softy. I keep going into rooms and expecting to see him

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Roselilly36 Wed 09-Sep-20 07:47:35

It’s awful, so sorry OP. I know how I felt when my lovely cat was PTS, just terrible, be kind to yourself, it’s very early days take it easy flowers

Chickydoo Wed 09-Sep-20 08:01:23

thanks so sorry for your loss.

Trailing1 Wed 09-Sep-20 08:03:49

I'm so sorry OP. sleep tight your amazing companion. X I hope you and your family are coping ok.

clanger71 Wed 09-Sep-20 08:06:49

I just wanted to pass on my condolences. What a lovely picture in your first post, he looks like such a handsome and obviously well loved little fella in his dapper bow tie. Our pets really do become part of the family. Take care of yourself.

giletrouge Wed 09-Sep-20 17:40:52

Oh gosh what a smart looking boy.
Deeply sorry OP.
I'm wondering how you and your DD are doing, but no obligation to answer, only if you'd like to. flowers

BabyMoonPie Wed 09-Sep-20 19:53:46

@giletrouge thanks. DD is mostly OK. She has mentioned him a couple of times but there have been no more tears. I'm still crying a lot. I keep expecting to see him and hear the cat flap and his bell. I just miss him so much

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BabyMoonPie Wed 09-Sep-20 19:56:49

That bowtie was his Christmas outfit last year. He was getting mellower in his dotage and let me put it on (I'd tried when he was younger and been met with refusal!)

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thebear1 Wed 09-Sep-20 20:00:46

So sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. Mine was pts for similar reasons in March last year. I got comfort from knowing he had a nice life.

giletrouge Wed 09-Sep-20 20:18:52

I remember when one of ours went, I was much more upset than my little dd. She was a similar age to your dd I think, about 3. This was over 30 years ago. Was such a sweet cat - I'm not going to name her here because she was dd's cat and she's 35 now if she saw it she'd prob know this was me. (And be embarrassed).
I do hope you feel better soon.

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