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My cat is being weird...

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katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 13:38:31

My cat is my best friend. I've had her 6 years. Last few weeks she just isn't herself. Still eating and drinking fine, will lay on me. But she's started spending more time outside and sleeping in weird places in the house that she's never slept before. She seems jumpy and on edge. Has anyone else had this? For info she way spayed at 6 months before she was ever allowed out and I got her as a 12 week old kitten so has only really ever known me. Any help much appreciated!

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RandomMess Sun 23-Aug-20 13:44:59

New cat in the street or new dog for that matter, something outside the house could have upset her.

Also just getting older.

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 13:47:01

Ah I hate the thought of her getting old. Sounds daft but she really has got me through some tough times. Come to think of it next door have been dogsitting their daughters puppy lately, maybe that's it.

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Sallyspoons Sun 23-Aug-20 13:47:04

Oh god I read that as “ Still eating and drinking wine” oh bless her does she still want cuddles?

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 13:49:20

Pahaha if she was then the problem would probably have been more clear. Yes still wants cuddles, usually at 4am just as I get comfy. Good job I love her.

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vanillandhoney Sun 23-Aug-20 13:50:11

I would always get behavioural changes checked out - maybe get her a general check up and let the vet know about your concerns?

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 13:53:31

Yes I was thinking vets. I just didn't want to waste anyones' time but I couldn't bare anything happening to her or her being unwell and not notice. I wouldn't mind, I don't even like cats.

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katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 13:54:06

Well I didn't, I am now fully converted

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Cailleach Sun 23-Aug-20 13:55:33

Probably the wind. Mine hates it.

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 13:57:02

I hope so!

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DonLewis Sun 23-Aug-20 13:58:34

You're not pregnant are you?

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:01:25

No absolutely 100% not unless I'm the modern Mary lol. She usually thinks she's human. She gets under the duvet and holds my hand, she miaows when she comes in to mimick me getting home and saying hello. It's just little things that seem different. She does seem more thirsty than usual?

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 23-Aug-20 14:05:43

The vet won’t think you are waiting their time. Behaviour changes are how animals say they are in pain.

I once rang up to say DC had done a wee in the bath and was otherwise fine, but I’d been away and he’d come out of a Cattery. I was skiing if I’d traumatised him.

Vet said bring him now, it’s an emergency I may need to operate!!

She was right he’d got a urine crystal stuck in his urethra. So glad I rung the vet.

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:07:19

Also thinking about it, she was cuddled in the centre of my sofa a few days ago, my friend went to gently stroke and shift her slightly and she sort of put her teeth on him, not a bite but just put her teeth on his arm. I may sound like a crazy cat lady but I'm genuinely worried about her and I'm usually very laid back.

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katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:08:10

Okay I'm gonna ring, does is warrant an out of hours call today or first thing tomorrow? I'm worrying now.

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 23-Aug-20 14:09:23

They will advise you. The OOH bill is big, so they always tell you first and advise if it’s necessary.

LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 23-Aug-20 14:10:57

We're just moving this over to the litter tray for the OP. flowers

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:11:37

More than happy to pay a big bill to make sure she is okay. Thank you for your advice, I'm going to call. I remember a few years ago she had a UTI and was similar but she had a litter tray back then and I can't keep an eye now as she doesn't anymore. Right I'm ringing, I'm panicking.

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katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:12:02

Thank you MN

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katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:16:08

She's also fully insured so bills aren't a huge worry

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 23-Aug-20 14:19:23

I think they have to tell you upfront how much it costs to call the vet.

All paws crossed here that your DCat is ok.

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:22:26

Just tried calling and had to leave my contact details for a call back today, phone consultation is £50. Thank you, much appreciated. She's currently chasing a moth, that clearly both excites and terrifies her. The money is worth the peace of mind.

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 23-Aug-20 14:28:15

Some vets use a third party who intercept the calls and pass them on to the duty vet.

(Used to date a vet)

I’m sure you will get a call ASAP from the duty vet. Don’t panic. The vet will know what to do.

katie43210 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:35:29

I really do appreciate the reassurance. I'm waiting for the call back now. Trying not to worry and given her extra of the leftover roast chicken I had... Maybe it's all a ploy for the chicken!

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 23-Aug-20 14:47:18

It’s hard to know because they can’t tell you. My old boy had diabetes in the end and was so brave, he tried to hide it form me.

I’m sure there’s nothing too wrong if DCat is eating chicken and playing with moths. But the vet will know what to do next.

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