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My beautiful old lady is being pts in three hours

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Ginkypig Sat 15-Aug-20 12:59:46

It's time but it's going to be awful. She is sleeping on my knee just now and I just keep thinking at 4pm....

I don't know what I want from this thread but I'm sure later it will probably be too hard to start a thread so maybe if I do it now I can come back later and post the last photo I took today and some of you will have replied. I don't know I think I'm rambling a bit blush

I love her so much and I am strong enough to do this for her to avoid her suffering soon if I don't but it's going to be so empty without her here when I come home.

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JackPaul Sat 15-Aug-20 13:02:10

I am so sorry 😞

TheLongRider Sat 15-Aug-20 13:05:49

flowers You're doing the right thing for her. I'd love to see a photo of her. I'm sure you have many happy memories of her.

There's always the Litter Tray Memorial thread if you would like to put a post up about her there too.

Pelleas Sat 15-Aug-20 13:06:13

flowers You are doing the right thing; she will go to sleep peacefully knowing she is loved.

Your house will feel empty at first, so let yourself grieve. In time you will be able to look back on your wonderful time together with happiness.

Pelleas Sat 15-Aug-20 16:00:07

Thinking of you at 4pm.

QuestionableMouse Sat 15-Aug-20 16:01:08

Thinking of you. I'm so sorry.

Vinorosso74 Sat 15-Aug-20 16:14:55

So sorry flowers I hope you're doing ok.

Pashazade Sat 15-Aug-20 16:22:47

So sorry to hear this, fear we may have to make the same decision soon. But you have done it out of love and it will have been the right decision. Thinking of you thanks

SecretWitch Sat 15-Aug-20 16:25:05

I’m so very sorry. Losing a beloved pet is so hard on the heart. 💐

squeekums Sat 15-Aug-20 16:27:08

Your doing the most loving, selfless thing.

CouscousEvaporator Sat 15-Aug-20 16:28:06

flowers I’m so sorry

Lifeispassingby Sat 15-Aug-20 16:33:45

The hardest thing about loving a pet is the saying goodbye, but it also the kindest thing we can do for them ❤️

Kudukudu Sat 15-Aug-20 16:35:22

Thinking of you at such a sad time. It's the most loving and responsible thing you can do, to ensure that she doesn't suffer. Allow yourself to grieve - and come back and talk here as there are so many who know how you're feeling.

Ski37 Sat 15-Aug-20 16:41:16

You are doing the kindest thing and it is being done out of love. Thinking of you.

Shmithecat2 Sat 15-Aug-20 16:50:22

Hope it went well. You're doing the best, kindest, most responsible thing as a cat 'owner' can do. Sending illegal hugs flowers

mummymayhem18 Sat 15-Aug-20 17:07:35

Thinking of you. I went through the same thing just over a week ago. 💔🐱

Madcats Sat 15-Aug-20 17:22:13

Ginkypig, and all other posters that have been through the painful process of having to say "au revoir" to their soulmates recently flowers.

I really do think that you will look back in a few weeks' time and realise that your decision was the right one to make. Not all your friends and family will necessarily understand how sad you might be feeling. Plenty will sympathise though.

Remember the happy times through all your tears.

Last year I found that looking back though old photos really helped.

Lupellegrino Sat 15-Aug-20 18:58:23

I'd love to see a photo too, and hear the story of how you came together. I would love another cat in my life, hopefully one day x

GenuineKlatchianPottery Sat 15-Aug-20 19:10:35

flowers I would love to hear more about your lovely lady when you feel able to OP.

littlealexhorne Sat 15-Aug-20 19:18:18

I'm so sorry, I hope you're coping as well as can be expected. Like others I'd love to see a photo and hear more about her when you're feeling up to it flowers

HuggedTheRedwoods Sat 15-Aug-20 19:20:03

So sorry flowers knowing its the kindest thing for them doesn't lessen your pain. It takes a good while to adjust to them not being about the house so be kind to yourself.

DramaAlpaca Sat 15-Aug-20 19:20:10

It's both the hardest and the kindest thing you can do for your lovely girl flowers

gypsywater Sat 15-Aug-20 19:20:23

So sorry sad Its heartbreaking. The kindest thing you can do for a beloved kitty tho xxx

StartingGrid Sat 15-Aug-20 19:38:41

My darling boy made his final journey today too, he went peacefully... perhaps their paths will cross and they will be pain free and happy together. So very sorry you've had to go through it too flowers

Ginkypig Sat 15-Aug-20 20:32:50

Oh my I can't tell you how much I appreciate your words. I hadn't really expected any replies so I'm a bit overwhelmed at the lovely people who have Taken the time out of their lives to say something nice to a stranger going through a hard time. I very much appreciate it thankyou so much.

If everyone doesn't mind il come back tomorrow to share a picture and share a bit more about her but I'm quite teary eyed tonight, it's been a surprise at quite how much it has hurt to say goodbye as I thought I had gotten ready for this day and knew I was doing this because I refused to allow her to suffer and she was a pet (rather than a human if that makes sense) but im feeling pretty floored tonight.

Oh and I'm really sorry startinggrid il send a wee message up to her to show your boy the way to the buffet ok!

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