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My Lovely sweet girl is gone

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Selfishjeans Wed 12-Aug-20 13:26:12

We had to have our beloved cat put to sleep on Monday. She had been ill for a few months but I hadn’t realised how much she had declined. Her breathing had gotten faster over the weekend so we called the vet who told us to take her in straightaway but I was not at all expecting to say goodbye to her, I niavely assumed that they would just adjust her medication.
She was so distressed on the way to the vets and I feel absolutely terrible for putting her through that. We couldn’t be with her when it happened so we said our goodbyes to her outside the vets building, the vet had given her a shot of opiates so she was calm by then.
She was exactly 16 and I loved her from the moment I clapped eyes on her when she was 3 weeks old. She was the happiest and friendliest cat I have ever known, so humble and affectionate. She was an instant purrer who loved attention. I am devastated and struggling to accept it even though I know it was for the best, she had at most a few days left according to the vet. I miss her so much.

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TranquilityofSolitude Wed 12-Aug-20 13:29:50

Aw, I'm sorry. You did the right thing, though. Be kind to yourself. I'm sure you gave her the best life she could have had.

Xmasfairy86 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:46:50

16 is a wonderful age - you gave her a lovely home for her life and made the right decision when it came to it.

Beamur Wed 12-Aug-20 13:48:53

She sounds lovely. Not great for you to have to deal with this without being more prepared, but the vet must have been sure it was in your cats best interest. flowers

AfterSchoolWorry Wed 12-Aug-20 13:53:02

💔 I'm so very sorry OP.

Have you got a picture.

Feralkidsatthecampsite Wed 12-Aug-20 13:54:26

So sorry for your loss op. I lost 1 of my dcats in April...
His db misses him terribly.

stophuggingme Wed 12-Aug-20 18:12:35

It is awfully sad and hard.
But 16 years is a fantastic age and you loved her to the end and will do beyond.

I lost my beautiful girl earlier this year and I find it helps rot all about her every day still and say her name when I tell my other cat’s goodnight.

She might not be there but she will always be with you, but right now just sending love because it is a terrible sad and painful time.

Keep posting for support many of us have been there.
Try to console yourself with the fact you gave her a peaceful goodbye with love and trust. I believe they know flowers

Selfishjeans Mon 17-Aug-20 12:23:57

Thank you all so much for the beautiful messages and for taking the time to reply. I cannot tell you how comforting it has been to read them, I really do appreciate the kindness in every reply.

Feralkidsatthecampsite and stophuggingme, sending you both hugs

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