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Suggestions on how to get cat to take his meds and high calorie/senior diets for cat

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2020again Sun 09-Aug-20 23:27:10

Looking for advice from you clever cat mums.

My 16 year old cat is supposed to take thyronorm 5 mg for hyperthyroidism (split into 2 doses). We had been hiding it in a liquid cat treat called lick e lix for months. In addition, he has recently been put on meloxicam (more specifically metacam) for possible arthritis, again a liquid I need to try and hide.

Over the last few weeks he appears to have totally gone off this treat and literally takes one look at it and walks away so we are failing to get him to take his meds. If we put on his wet food and he does not finish it we have no idea how much of the meds he has taken. He dislikes the vet and being manhandled and so I do not think he is going to be an easy cat to pill. Has anyone got any idea what we can do to get him to take his meds?

Over the last few months he has lost some weight which the vet thinks is muscle loss in hip area. I have read about high calorie food/paste that can be given. The vet suggested we might consider putting him on some senior food rather than higher calorie food as these contain higher quality protein to try and prevent muscle atrophy. I am not sure about changing his whole food as he is a fussy eater anyway and I was always under the impression that science diets are not that tasty but maybe they can be - does anyone think this is a better idea and can suggest a good one?

So just to summarise. I would be grateful for:

-any suggestions as to how to hide the liquid meds so the cat takes it

-Is it a good idea to switch to senior food or should we go for high calorific gels and pastes and what do people suggest for either option?

Thank you very much.

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 10-Aug-20 08:48:04

Could you swap
To tablets and give them with a pill syringe thingy? My late girl was on 8 pills a day and took them beautifully with one of them.

Oldraver Mon 10-Aug-20 10:42:47

The only way we got Ern to take Metacam was putting it on a sliver of filet steak

Now that sounds more expensive than it is. Get a butcher to give you a small piece from the tail end, will be a couple of quid , then you slice it thinly, drop the Metacam in the middle and fold over

You can freeze the slivers and will only take mins to defrost

The best bit is seeing the butchers face when you say it's for the cat 😄

Toddlerteaplease Mon 10-Aug-20 18:09:25

Love that! Er has you wrapped wound his paw!

AnnaMagnani Tue 11-Aug-20 09:38:02

With my elderly renal cat I went for the route that it was most important that she ate first, and then after that what she ate.

She goes absolutely mad for Sheba Cat Soup - which would also be good for hiding liquid med, we hid vitamins in it for a long time. She generally leaves the bigger bits but again at least she is having something.

For older cats it is important that they have the easily digestible protein and my cat is kibble obsessed so having renal kibble has not been a problem. We have dripped Metacam on kibble in the past and it works fine. However we tried every single variety of the wet food and she deemed them all disgusting.

Other tips - have you tried raising the food bowl? Old lady eats more by having the food bowl a bit higher.

Where is her food bowl - Old lady likes to eat with us and when she really goes off her food I've had to sit with her and encourage her. When her food was in it's old place in the kitchen, she wasn't that interested. She is better with an audience.

How many goes do you give her at the wet food? Old lady has her tiny wet food dinner in about 4 goes every evening and we have to push it under her nose every time. She has a bit then wanders off. We used to think she had given up after the first time but now she nearly eats the whole dinner.

This website is aimed at the renal cat but has a whole lot of tips on getting your cat to eat - I think I've done all of them, some brilliant some a complete loss on Old lady cat, and have gone from a lethargic cat who didn't eat to a scrawny cat who maintains her weight and is definitely enjoying life and her dinner.

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