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Fleas. Everywhere!

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WhereDoWeGo Sat 08-Aug-20 07:31:23

Ok I've been lax on the cat flea treatment so I know he needs doing.

And, complete honestly here, sometimes I think I've never had a handle on the home flea treatment. When the cat has his treatment he seems rid of them but they never seem fully gone from the house. Just get worse at certain times.

Anyway they are everywhere. I'm short on money so I'd appreciate any advice in what actually helps with the house, spray? Flea bomb? Something else? I've always used spray before but seem to spend a fortune on spray &, as said, they don't seem to actually go. I was looking up flea bombs but the write up seems pretty negative, kind of like 'Use this if you really have to, but it's bad for your home, kids, pets, the world'.

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MadisonMontgomery Sat 08-Aug-20 07:40:44

My cat had fleas really badly a few years ago - she was frontlined every month but apparently frontline doesn’t work anymore. I ended up giving her capstar tablets and using indorex spray in every room - worked like a charm.

WhereDoWeGo Sat 08-Aug-20 07:47:25

Thank you Madison. I will have a look. Mine has Stronghold as I use to have 3 & the Frontline was no good for 1 of them so we switched to Stronghold for all 3.

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blissfulllife Sat 08-Aug-20 07:51:23

We've started new flea treatments for our cats called itch. Look it up online it's cheaper than frontline (which stopped working for us recently). You get it delivered monthly when the cats are due to be flead and at the moment I think it's first month free trial.

For my house I use strike back spray. The aerosol ones best. It's around ten pound and it lasts me about 6 weeks treating the whole house once a week. This seems to keep on top of things. Flea bombs seem useless we've tried several different ones over the years but never worked.

You think cars would be a cheaper pet to keep eh! Lol no chance mines costing a fortune! X

WhereDoWeGo Sat 08-Aug-20 07:56:36

blissfulllife That just came up when I was having a look, so I will go back & click on it.

I know the feeling, I spend £60 on stuff then the fleas aren't even gone!

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Moltenpink Sat 08-Aug-20 07:58:53

Loads of extra washing & vacuuming helps too.

InsaneInTheViralMembrane Sat 08-Aug-20 07:58:56

I’m dealing with my first infestation for 30 years. Conversely I’m getting them out of the soft furnishings, but not off the pets. I’ve used acclaim spray for the house which was £10 from amazon, they also do indorex for 50% of what the vet wanted.

I didn’t know frontline had stopped working so I’ve just had to buy stronghold.

Seems unfair as I only asked signed up for 2 Pets, but currently have dozens. 😂

Acclaim spray panders to my methods as it’s hoover thoroughly, then spray. Then leave for a week for it to kill everything, none of this hoovering every half an hour for all eternity.

I know I’ll be teaching you to suck eggs, but I bin (outside!) the hoover bag once I’ve done it.

newname81 Sat 08-Aug-20 08:03:26

I'd really highly recommend getting a professional in to do it. I know it's more expensive but if we'd have done it straight away we would have spent half the amount we ended up spending.
Around 3 years ago we had an awful infestation (unsure how it started as at that time we were in a flat with an indoor cat!) we tried the bombs, sprays, different treatments, different types of bombs, different types of sprays etc probably spent around £100 and nothing helped.
We got someone in to do it it cost around £100 and he did an initial treatment and then came back 10 days later to do a second. It worked perfectly and a few months later we put new carpets down (we were doing this anyway).

WhereDoWeGo Sat 08-Aug-20 08:09:57

Thanks newname I'm really not sure about getting somebody in. I had mice a while ago (I know, my house is a zoo!) & Had somebody from the council come & he left the boxes with the bate all around the kitchen then never returned for the 2nd visit. I imagine it would be the same person as I go through the council so it's cheaper.

Insane Mine are all on the floors. Walking barefoot & they are all over me, even in the bathroom & the kitchen with the hard floors!

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WhereDoWeGo Sat 08-Aug-20 08:15:59

If i need to guess my cats weight (no scales) I've gone for the upper end so there's average weight for age then I've gone for higher but not the highest.

He is 13, has 3 legs but climbs the 6 foot back gate daily, is heavy with muscle. Last time he saw a vet she said he was 'a little bit pudgy', does this rough weight seem about right?

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Fluffycloudland77 Sat 08-Aug-20 08:17:08

Indorex kills eggs and larvae too so I’d go for that. Pharmacies sell it too but ring before you go.

Advantage spot on for puss, every month without fail.

Oldraver Sat 08-Aug-20 11:36:03

Do you have a steam cleaner ? You can use these to kill the fleas but I've heard it can make any dormant eggs hatch so you will need to repeat

WhereDoWeGo Sat 08-Aug-20 12:46:36

I don't but thanks Oldraver I hadn't heard that before.

I'm only without the kids today so I walked to the nearest pet shop & they only had a choice of 2 sprays so I've got one & I've ordered the itch that pp mentioned.

I will wait until the itch arrives then do the house too. Fingers crossed!

I'm sure when I was little my dad used to leave a glass of water & over night they would drown themselves, but I was putting all the ones I found in the bathroom, into a cup of water earlier, & they were just crawling out again!

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WhereDoWeGo Tue 11-Aug-20 13:23:20

OMG they are all in my little ones hair! How embarrassing sad she doesn't seem overly affected but how bad must it be for them to be all in there?!
I saw one, then as I kept parting the hair, there were loads of them, all in little huddles sad

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 11-Aug-20 15:06:05

I think you’re going to have to use a nutty gritty comb on her and advantage or advocate on the cat.

Stronghold doesn’t seem to be working for you for some reason.

WhereDoWeGo Tue 11-Aug-20 17:48:30

I havn't kept up the Stronghold as I should so this is all my fault.

Thanks Fluffycloud, the 'Itch' that I ordered should be here tomorrow so I will put the spray down & do an extra good hoover & hope for the best.

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MovingSwiftlyOn Tue 11-Aug-20 18:13:35

I've not had a cat for many years so can't advise on current products, but I had this problem years ago and what finally cured it was to hire a really powerful carpet cleaning machine and clean all the carpets thoroughly in the house. Fleas hide in carpets and lay their eggs there, and just lay in wait. Buggers.

Shmithecat2 Tue 11-Aug-20 18:16:09

Indorex for the house, something from the vets for the cats, nitty gritty for the kids, and then vacuuming every day for at least two weeks.

WhereDoWeGo Tue 11-Aug-20 19:38:11

Thanks MovingSwiftlyOn I will look up prices for a carpet cleaner if this next plan doesn't work. I read that as 'hide' all the carpets & I was thinking 'Well how am I supposed to do that?!' grin

Nitty gritty is on my list! Bowl with washing up liquid to put them in after, right?

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fucknuckle Tue 11-Aug-20 21:45:51

i use Advocate on my boy. currently dealing with fleas brought in by a friend with lots of animals who clearly doesn’t treat them.

mine’s an indoor cat so there’s nowhere else they could have come from. we did the full chasedown and spot on yesterday and i’ve sprayed everywhere with Acclaim and hoovered.

my poor boy has been so miserable with the heat and the itchy. i tried him on a new litter which i suspect contributed to the itching but there were definitely flea bites.

so now i’m in a situation where i don’t want to go to friend’s house and don’t want them coming here. which is nice.

(i get the Advocate from Atlantic Pet Products. it’s the only spot-on i’ve used that really works)

fucknuckle Tue 11-Aug-20 21:48:04

also, i read a tip online about cutting up a flea collar and putting the bits in your hoover to double-tap anything that gets hoovered up.

TurnUpTheHeat Tue 11-Aug-20 21:54:44

Advocate on cat
Indorex in furnishings
Daily hoovering (bag contents straight into outdoor bin)
And Indorex
And repeat

Your poor dd. I guess you treat the same as for nits. Wash, condition, not comb. Daily. You can't really advocate the kids.

gamerchick Tue 11-Aug-20 21:54:59


also, i read a tip online about cutting up a flea collar and putting the bits in your hoover to double-tap anything that gets hoovered up.

This. Just don't put them on any cat. Awful things.

Once they take hold it does take a lot of work. Personally in your shoes I'd get a dude in to treat the house.

Otherwise I treat every room meticulously. I hoover right around the edges and husband sprays the skirtings behind me. Each and every room, all furniture has to be moved. Indorex lasts around a year so you need to make a note when to treat again and keep on top of the advocate for cats.

WhereDoWeGo Tue 11-Aug-20 21:57:36

Thanks fucknuckle yeah that's an awkward situation with your friend!
Aww your poor cat. I've barely even seen mine since it's been hot. He always spends his time in the garden all summer (has a cat flap if he wants to come in) but the last few weeks he keeps going over next door.. he's there ALL the time! (& I know she's getting fed up with him as I saw her putting him back over the fence yesterday)

The flea collar tip is interesting.

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fucknuckle Tue 11-Aug-20 21:59:32

just to confirm that i would never put a flea collar on an actual cat.

he’s happier today but keeps hogging the fan. he looks like he just wants to take his coat off.

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