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Litter trays and litter

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icanbreathagain Mon 03-Aug-20 22:23:20

So my little kitty has been ok with her covered litter tray and catsan. We now have a sister for her and they tray is super smelly. I tried liners as I though this would be easier to clean up, they tore through them! I'm changing it daily and rinsing out. Is there a better litter for smells? Also what about these self cleaning ones? I need help! Please x

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Extrapepperoni Tue 04-Aug-20 23:42:05

We're using this and it is fab - no smell at all. Not flushable (we've repurposed LOs diaper bin!)

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 05-Aug-20 06:22:53

You need one tray per cat plus a spare. I’ve never got on with liners either but everywhere sells them so some cats must use them.

They do robot trays now that empty as soon as the cats gone.

3kidsandafewcats Wed 05-Aug-20 07:47:43

I’ve recently started using VanCatUK, it’s the best litter I’ve used. I’ve had the same litter in the tray for 3 weeks so far i just remove the clumps and top up with more litter when needed. Look on Facebook and online.

reefedsail Wed 05-Aug-20 07:53:13

NatuSan is amazing for clumping and containing smells. Expensive though. I've started putting a layer of something cheaper under a layer of NatuSan to keep it going longer.

I would really recommend ModKat 'top-loading' litter trays. They are really, really expensive, but such a dream to keep clean. They reliably keep the litter inside the tray and come with with indestructible liners.

MashedSpud Wed 05-Aug-20 07:55:15

We just tried our girl cat on the worlds best cat litter and she loves it. There’s no smell, it clumps the pee and poos and it’s flushable.

Toddlerteaplease Wed 05-Aug-20 13:00:07

I use Intersand classic. I had a Modkat flip and hated it! Lived my pets at home top
Entry box though. Unfortunately Cheddar just didn't get it! So using a big standard Wilko covered tray.

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