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My new rescue.

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Ratbagcatbag Thu 09-Jul-20 22:26:36

I don't know if anyone recalls around 18 months ago I adopted a lovely cat that was about 8 years old and had three legs. The very lovely reggie.

Well. The other week a stunning ginger boy came up on a rescue I follow. He also has three legs.
He's a gorgeous massive friendly boy and I'm so pleased him and my old boy don't hate each other. (Although I think I'm pushing it to say they're friends just yet).

I'm going to turn into crazy cat lady arent I?

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Sunnydayshereatlast Thu 09-Jul-20 22:28:18

Are they missing the same leg op???

Ratbagcatbag Thu 09-Jul-20 22:30:06

Reggie is missing a front leg. Alfie a back leg. 🤣🤣🤣

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Confusedcatlady1 Thu 09-Jul-20 23:12:18

That's fantastic. Any chance of a photo of the two cats together? grin

Ratbagcatbag Fri 10-Jul-20 04:21:45

This is the closest they've been as yet. smile

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ElizabethMainwaring Fri 10-Jul-20 05:04:11

They are lovely. What are their names?

sashh Fri 10-Jul-20 05:26:21

LOL you are not crazy unless you start lopping legs of every cat you see.

They look so sweet, and that ginger one, he needs a fireplace to be in front of.

Ratbagcatbag Fri 10-Jul-20 08:47:59

Reggie - big moggy
Alfie - ginger boy.

Sashh - I do have a very lovely log burner that I'm sure he will appreciate in winter.

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Chemenger Fri 10-Jul-20 08:54:13

They are lovely. We used to have a pair of ginger boys called Reggie and Alfie. They had a full set of legs though!

Allergictoironing Fri 10-Jul-20 09:16:51

Obviously you now need to keep an eye open for 3 legged rescue cats. I'm sure eventually you can have a complete set of missing limbs (front left, front right, back left, back right) grin grin grin

JamesArthursEyelashes Fri 10-Jul-20 09:19:42

They’re both gorgeous. 😍 Hopefully they’ll be best friends in time.

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