What's your DCat up to today? (Thread 8)

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TheLongRider Thu 02-Jul-20 17:18:20

Fighting my socks!

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Summerfortheages Thu 02-Jul-20 17:21:59

Awwww, what a perfect photo 💕

Summerfortheages Thu 02-Jul-20 17:25:04

My one is just relaxing (as usual).

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Thu 02-Jul-20 18:09:28

Sybil is having a drink after a tiring time in a shopping bag.

Defiantly41 Thu 02-Jul-20 22:42:27

Thanks for new thread @TheLongRider

My two are playing with catnip mice/lying on the windowsill being nosy

samlh Fri 03-Jul-20 11:46:54

After waking me up at 5am to go downstairs and then sitting for 2 hours meowing in my face (I usually manage to grab another hour on the sofa whilst HRH plays or goes back to sleep on the windowsill) he is panned out on his tree near my dining table where I am working from home at the moment.

I need coffee and matchsticks as I have a video call in 15 minutes and look like an extra from the walking dead!

I can't be mad at him though, he doesn't do this very often, just when I have to be wide awake and have had more than 5 hours sleep! smile

I have included a pic... we are waiting for him to go to the groomers next week so he's extra fluffy and grumpy!

Want2beme Sat 04-Jul-20 13:37:26

Not happy, cos I refuse to give her treats for the 3rd time todayconfused


Toilenstripes Sat 04-Jul-20 13:40:22

Napping off the exhaustion of a long play session this morning.

Want2beme Wed 08-Jul-20 18:02:00

She's had ham & tuna this afternoon and is still not impressed with meconfused

Oldraver Fri 10-Jul-20 10:49:08

I know this is the 'what's your cat up to thread' but this arrived and I had to show it

Oldraver Fri 10-Jul-20 10:49:28

I know this is the 'what's your cat up to thread' but this arrived and I had to show it

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Fri 10-Jul-20 10:56:27

If that had arrived here I'd be tempted to show it too grin.

Is it a cat frightener?

Oldraver Fri 10-Jul-20 11:04:26

Is a cat frightener anything bought purposefully as a bed for cats ?

CatRamsey Fri 10-Jul-20 11:18:03

Love the pics! My boy brought me a dead bird this morning. I had an enormous butterfly from my girl earlier this week and last week discovered an alive mouse under my fridge, which I can only assume they (probably she) brought in!

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Fri 10-Jul-20 12:09:16

Basil is denying that he has anything to do with the threadbare state of our stair carpets.

TheLongRider Fri 10-Jul-20 12:16:19

Oldraver - do you have a suitably scary cat to go in that scary iglo?. Id suggest a black cat for maximum effect.

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showgirl63 Fri 10-Jul-20 12:18:42

Daring me to move him

sweetkitty Fri 10-Jul-20 12:24:04

There is general disharmony in the kitty household today, due to a plumber botching up our en-suite we’ve had another plumber in for a few days fixing it. This has upset the trio greatly. They don’t like strangers especially strangers with a drill and have taken to hiding.

DCat3 was using the leg of the dining table as his scratching post but we got a new dining table and chairs (hopefully scratch proof) so in disgust he has ripped the paint off the kitchen wall. He’s already scratched the bedroom and living room wallpaper! He’s so bad.

Oldraver Fri 10-Jul-20 12:43:39


I am looking, though not many in rescue at the moment and we are on holiday soon so looking for after that

YetAnotherSpartacus Fri 10-Jul-20 13:06:32

Still thinking of you Oldraver. I hate to ask this, but are cats safe around your cat-hating neighbour?

Oldraver Fri 10-Jul-20 18:38:36

@YetAnotherSpartacus... it does cross my mind but I feel I cant dwell on it too much. As it happens I had issues years ago with the other neighbour at the back (one next to spikey neighbour) keeping my old cat in their house. He missed vets appointments and allsorts was really stressfull.

The extra bit of fence went back up today to enclose the garden, it wil keep them guessing

TheLongRider Sun 12-Jul-20 09:25:32

"You know you put the tyre on the other way". Hobbes mogsplaining to DH how to fix a bicycle. confused

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hilariousnamehere Sun 12-Jul-20 09:29:46

Can I join you? This has made me smile 😍

Cuddles and discussions about life choices with DNinjacat (black) because she keeps ripping claws off and coming home with marks on her head. But is perfectly happy and can't understand why I worry.

And DFluffycat is queen of the world and has commandeered my mermaid tail for snoozing 😂

JaJaDingDong Sun 12-Jul-20 09:47:23

Surveying the estate - looking out for mice probably.

YesItsMeIDontCare Sun 12-Jul-20 09:56:55

Got me up at 5:30am and has now gone for a snooze. I am now wide awake and unimpressed.

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