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Where to set up new kitten's area

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PinkFondantFancy Tue 30-Jun-20 17:28:56

Hi 1st time cat owner and due to get a kitten in a couple of weeks. Downstairs we've got a lounge and an open plan kitchen diner. I'm trying to work out where the best place to get her set up for the first few days while she settles in. I thought the kitchen diner as maybe I can make her an area out of the way but where she'll still see and hear all the family activities.

How should I enclose the area until she's ready to explore? Is a guineapig run type area good enough in that it keeps her area separate but gives her the option to explore more if she wants? Or should it be more of a playpen type thing that keeps her there?

Thanks v much

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Aquamarine1029 Tue 30-Jun-20 17:35:02

Lifelong cat owner here. I would just let her have the run of the place. Kittens are very adept at acclimating to their surroundings, and she needs lots of human interaction to be socialised properly.

Show her where her litter box is several times, and make sure her food and water is entirely separate from the litter box. You may want to make sure any loose cords/wires are tucked away, and keep an eye out to make sure she's not chewing on them. Some cats are really attracted to them. Get several fun toys for her to play with, and pet her as much as she will allow.

PinkFondantFancy Tue 30-Jun-20 21:44:56

Thanks Aqua that's really reassuring! She's with a family with children at the moment so it looks like she's getting lots of cuddles and petting at the moment so with any luck she's off to a good start before she arrives with us!

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