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I didn't know vets did this!

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Tupjqbe7291naa Sat 27-Jun-20 07:42:33

My cat had been missing for over a week. I have 4. He is the only one who isn't spayed and we can't book him anywhere at the minute.

I put up posts on the local facebook groups and yesterday got a message to say he was at a vets a few miles away

He had been there for 4 days. Sent the vets pictures of him and my number and they rang me to come and collect him. He has an eye infection that he has antibiotics for.

Part of his leg had been shaved and you can see he has had some sort of drip or injection. I'm assuming they gave him antibiotics as his eye is a lot better too.

They didnt want any money for his treatment!!! They just literally took his carrier from the door and came and gave him to me.

I cant believe they have looked after my cat for 4 days, fed him, treated him and not wanted any fees for it. Isnt that absolutely fantastic? I didn't have my card on me and only a few pound in change so I donated what I had.

But I'm really touched that they took care of him and didnt expect anything for it.

Cat came and slept in bed with us last night and has been stuck to me like glue all morning, im so relieved hes home and so glad 4 days of the 7 he was safe and well cared for smile

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SparklingLime Sat 27-Jun-20 07:46:49

Aww, that’s lovely. smile

I think they actually have a legal duty to provide basic care in emergencies.

GreyishDays Sat 27-Jun-20 07:51:57

I don’t think that’s usual, though. Ours had an accident and was taken in by a stranger who found her. We had to pay for all the care that had taken place before they spoke to us.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 27-Jun-20 08:10:21

I think you hit a vet who was either in an exceptionally good mood or who had just lost a patient.

NoMoreFlowers Sat 27-Jun-20 08:30:57

Male cats aren’t spayed. You shouldn’t be letting him out unless he’s neutered. Very irresponsible

TroysMammy Sat 27-Jun-20 08:34:35

Contact them again and confirm they don't want payment. If they say they don't ask which charity use their services, eg local Cats Protection and donate to them.

Want2beme Sat 27-Jun-20 10:39:27

Glad he's back home with you. That was really good of the vet. I'd make a donation to a local animal charity of their choice.

Tupjqbe7291naa Sat 27-Jun-20 11:12:39

I've heard terrible stories of vets refusing to release pets they have treated ( that were apparently brought in as strays or lost )

It wasnt until i was in the car park waiting for him to come out that I thought about the payments and panicked a bit ( as I didn't have my card ) when i offered the small cash the lady said she would put it in the animal charity box. I don't drive so I had to get my friend to take me,

I was thinking of sending a thank you hamper to the vets? Or is that silly?

I think everyone knew what I meant when i said spayed hmm
I didn't let him out, he jumped out of the window. First time hes been out and i don't think he'll be keen to go again after a week of not being at home.

All the other cats are all over him and he just wants to be left alone grin maybe he enjoyed his peace haha

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nettie434 Sat 27-Jun-20 11:24:03

So glad your cat is home and safe, Tupjqbe7291naa.

I think a thank you hamper would be a lovely thing to do but perhaps in terms of 'need' a donation to a local rescue might be needed more, especially if you told the rescue the name of the vets that had been so helpful. They might then share the vets' details with their supporters (anonymising who you are of course). I know that a lot of charities which rely on income from their shops have been badly affected. Then you could send a card to the vet explaining what you have done and thanking them again.

SparklingLime Sat 27-Jun-20 13:55:17

Definitely a donation to your local independent cat rescue, in your vet’s name. Please do consider finding a small, local rescue though. The ones I support are overwhelmed with kittens and their mums at the moment. RSPCA and CPL have big donors and frankly I’ve lost faith in them, although there’s some wonderful individuals in local CPA groups. (Going a bit off topic, sorry.)

FlamingoAndJohn Sat 27-Jun-20 13:58:50

How lovely.

Do get your cats chipped. You could have had him back much sooner.

ItsSpittingEverybodyIn Tue 07-Jul-20 10:15:51

Why did you go to collect your cat without any method of payment?

squashyhat Tue 07-Jul-20 10:25:02

I found a stray kitten on holiday once. I couldn't take it home, and nobody on the nearest farm would own up to dumping it (it was in the middle of a forest) hmm but someone pointed me in the direction of a local vet. He took it in and promised he would check it over, treat it if necessary and get it to a local rescue centre. He said it was a female and someone would have dumped it rather than pay for spaying angry. I wanted to leave some money but he just said put a donation in the Blue Cross box. I often think about that kitten and hope she had a long and happy life.

frazzledasarock Tue 07-Jul-20 10:35:15

Local vet in our area tried to dump an elderly cat someone had handed in to them, on our estate as the person who’d dropped the poor old cat off vaguely said the cat had been on our general area.

I took the cat in as neighbours around us were distraught.

Then I called the RSPCA, I explained everything and told them the vets were refusing to keep the cat safe, but o couldn’t keep the cat indefinitely as it was very elderly, and had a raft of problems. But also I have cats and one has previously been very sick and I didn’t want to risk my cats catching anything.

The RSPCA gave me a reference number to give to the vets which would mean they would honour any vets bills. Of course the vets then took the cat back.

I traced the owners subsequently and she went back home.

But I was so upset at the vets. Our old vets were amazing and regularly took in strays and cared for them and even re-homed them.

TinySleepThief Tue 07-Jul-20 10:46:02

I dont think they normally do. I certainly wouldn't have left without paying for his treatment or making a very large donation. They may have said they didn't want anything but they have looked after him for 4 days and given him treatment all of which costs money. I'd feel incredibly cheeky to not pay.

Im confused as to why they didn't contact you though if he had been there for 4 days, is he not chipped?

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