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Stray cat - place to sleep

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happydays00 Wed 10-Jun-20 09:58:18

Hi everyone
Last summer we bought our house from some relatives and moved in. We agreed to take on their outside cat that had come from London (one of those charities that catches strays, neuters them and rehomes them in the countryside). She seemed to sleep in some outbuildings and they fed her every day. I've been doing this since moving in but recently we have had to demolish the outbuildings as they were falling down. The cat (I've called her CeeCee) still comes for her food everyday and has taken to sitting on our doorstep but I'd like some ideas on what I could provide for her to sleep in at nights / or shelter from the rain.

We have a summer house that I hoped she might use but she doesn't really seem to and I hate to think of her having no where to go. I would love to tame her and have her in the house but she is very skittish and I can only get within about 2 feet of her (although her and my cat seem to spend quite a bit of time playing together).

So any ideas on what I could make / buy for her to sleep in? And what are my chances of taming her at this stage?

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YesItsMeIDontCare Wed 10-Jun-20 10:02:47

I'd get her a kennel tbh, big enough to put a plastic bed in and food bowls.

Do you have a cat flap? Could you prop it open so she could come in at night if she felt brave enough?

happydays00 Wed 10-Jun-20 10:21:35

We don't have a cat flap (we're just established door slaves for our cat) but we have been talking about getting one... a kernel is a good idea, would you start putting her food in there?

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 10-Jun-20 11:07:47

Cats cannot resist an open door so a cat flaps an excellent idea.

Do you have an aga?.

thecatneuterer Wed 10-Jun-20 11:16:01

There are loads of kennels available online. You could start putting the food in there during the day, but make sure it's not in there at night as that would make the foxes interested in the kennel, which you don't want.

happydays00 Wed 10-Jun-20 11:16:06

Do you really think she'd use a cat flap? We do have an Aga, but there is usually an old (cat loving) Pug snuggled up to it.

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YesItsMeIDontCare Wed 10-Jun-20 11:17:50

I'd start by putting her food near it, then move it closer as she gets more comfortable. Inside when the weather is crap!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 10-Jun-20 11:55:55

I think if she saw your cat use it she’d cotton on. If she finds the aga you might have an indoor only cat on your hands.

fedupandlookingforchange Wed 10-Jun-20 12:03:55

Do you have a garage? Ours sleeps in the garage on the boiler at night. She does come in the house in the day. A previous cat never set foot in the house. You can get electric heated cat beds for winter if there's not heat source. A large kennel would also work with nice soft bed in. You might have to provide a few options.

ghislaine Wed 10-Jun-20 13:08:34

There is a nice selection of outdoor cat houses here:

Or this, if you feel like splashing out: fancy cat house

happydays00 Wed 10-Jun-20 20:10:58

Thanks all, I feel a bit dim for not actually googling "cat house" or something similar. I've bought the cat chalet and will be installing a cat flap in the hope we can tempt her in. I've attached a picture of her, I think she's a really lovely cat (even if she doesn't look particularly impressed at being photographed)

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thecatneuterer Wed 10-Jun-20 21:40:11

To get her to use the cat flap you need to take the flap off it initially (obviously only possible in warm weather). Then put food just inside it. She should get used to coming in through a hole and should then continue to do so once the flap goes back on.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 10-Jun-20 21:57:15

She’s very regal isn’t she?.

Papergirl1968 Wed 10-Jun-20 22:01:52

I wish I was small enough to fit into one of those myself.
I quite fancy the one with a look out lounge and mezzanine sleeping deck grin

oohnicevase Wed 10-Jun-20 22:04:21

I got a plastic kennel from amazon for my cat that won't use the cat Flap.. she doesn't use the kennel either !!🙄🙄

Papergirl1968 Wed 10-Jun-20 22:04:25

Oh no, changed my mind having seen the cat villa from Amazon. If only I could shrink myself!
Meant to say, thank you, Op, for caring so much about the cat.

happydays00 Thu 11-Jun-20 07:23:19

I know, I'm very jealous of these cat houses. I can imagine she won't use it, and I'll find her under a bit of tarpaulin or something. Typical! But here's hoping I can tempt her into the house!

She's very regal looking, but then aren't they all?! I just love the superior stares they give us!

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WildCherryBlossom Thu 11-Jun-20 11:49:29

Oh she is beautiful!

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