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Fat bottomed cats, you make the rocking world go 'round

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purrswhileheeats Thu 04-Jun-20 18:11:32

This is my not-so-little Kloppy, you might remember how I rescued him at the end of February from a charity shop. He's about 11 months old now and very happy but OMG he has a chunky arse when he lies down, it kind of spreads grin He's not fat at all but has this lovely stripey cat butt that I want to squish grin

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Pelleas Thu 04-Jun-20 18:24:42

What a beautiful botty!

Claudia3771 Thu 04-Jun-20 18:37:23

This is my chunky gal! She loves a belly rub 😍

purrswhileheeats Thu 04-Jun-20 19:16:18

@Claudia3771 she's an interesting cat, very snuggly! shock

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 04-Jun-20 20:31:37

Oo @Purrs. That is a very squishy bum!

ofwarren Thu 04-Jun-20 20:42:26

@Claudia3771 is she a sphinx?
What kind of temperament does she have and what does she feel like?
I've never seen one in real life!

Ze1tGeist Thu 04-Jun-20 20:52:23

for reference, this is a BIG bowl.

Ze1tGeist Thu 04-Jun-20 20:53:39

(he was also a rescue. this is him in his RSPCA pic)

Toilenstripes Thu 04-Jun-20 20:56:35

She definitely gets wider at the bottom.

Izzadoraduncancan Thu 04-Jun-20 21:03:23

Our fat bum cat. I love to grab him and give him huge hugs and kisses. He tolerates this behaviour very well.

purrswhileheeats Thu 04-Jun-20 21:07:16

@Ze1tGeist chunky bum and chunky paws 😻

Kloppy responds to Mr McChunkford now blush

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TheLongRider Thu 04-Jun-20 21:10:44

OP it's just puppy--kitten--fat. He's going through the gangly teenage stage. Honestly, your fat shaming the poor beast! He can come and live with me instead. grin

TheLongRider Thu 04-Jun-20 21:11:37


purrswhileheeats Thu 04-Jun-20 21:27:19

@TheLongRider he's definitely not gangly! Pains me to say it as an LFC fan but he's built more like Rooney than Gerrard 😢😂

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Vinorosso74 Thu 04-Jun-20 21:50:47

Thankfully he doesn't look like Wayne Rooney! We had a tabby and we always said he had childbearing hips and a saggy belly. So yes he had a big bum too.

JorisBonson Thu 04-Jun-20 21:58:05

Not strictly a bottom but any takers for a cat in a weird shape? Bonus filthy paws.

TheLongRider Fri 05-Jun-20 00:58:20

I'll take him and his grubby paws! I'd love to know how they do that. There aren't many coal sheds around these days but some how they end up with sooty paws.

vanillandhoney Fri 05-Jun-20 08:37:20

My big boy is a right chunky butt <3

Jayneisagirlsname Fri 05-Jun-20 22:15:02

Loving all these ample behinds. Here's my chunky boy trying to hide his Reubenesque bottom 😊

purrswhileheeats Sat 06-Jun-20 13:18:56

Chunky cat butts are the best grin

@Vinorosso74 my old tabby girl also had child bearing hips, a Kim Kardashian-esque butt and a jelly belly that wobbled as she walked (on a strict diet all her life but she was a lazy trollop hmm) - my dad gave her the nickname 'Flora'... 'Low, fat, spread' 😹

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Papergirl1968 Sat 06-Jun-20 13:55:20

Aww, lovely cats on here.
I have a fat boy and a skinny girl.
That’s an impressive tail, Izza.

Papergirl1968 Sat 06-Jun-20 13:59:09

Fat Matt smile

YetAnotherSpartacus Sat 06-Jun-20 14:00:40

Has Matt had kittens lately? smile

iklboo Sat 06-Jun-20 14:22:59

J-man the chunky lad

Pourchocolate Sat 06-Jun-20 14:40:14

My one Ioved to twerk.

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