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Adding kitten with a 1 year old cat

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Mummypig2020 Wed 03-Jun-20 12:25:12

So I saw online that dcats mum is pregnant again. angry we “saved” dcat from the family, and she has a perfect spoilt life now. She’s an absolute daring but the first 4 months were nightmare lol. She’s calmed down now though and is a darling.

I want to save another baby. How would you add another kitten? Do you need two litter trays? Food? How does it work?

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vanillandhoney Wed 03-Jun-20 12:29:37

Hi smile we have three cats, and this is how it works for us.

- 3 separate water bowls, though they all prefer to use the dog bowl or the kitchen tap grin
- we leave biscuits out in two separate bowls in different rooms for them
- food wise we feed them in the same room at the same times each day. The kitten gets an extra meal at lunch and has that on his own.
- we have four litter trays - one per cat, plus a spare.

The kitten was only added to our household last week and he's slotted in just fine. He's made friends with our 5yo male and he follows him everywhere - it's so cute! They'll play as a trio or in separate pairs and sleep wherever they fancy - sometimes together, sometimes with the dog, sometimes curled up on us.

It's fantastic - the more cats the better!

MrMagooInTheLoo Wed 03-Jun-20 14:03:18

I have a 2 year old and the kitten is 10months. I put kitten in carrier with cats blanket and let cat sniff around her for a little while. The cat went in the carrier with same blanket so they can smell each other. Cat spent one night in bathroom, kitten in front room. Kitten used cardboard box as a litter tray (she was so small). They ate out of the same bowl and water bowl, i did try seperating them but hey ho. Kitten used cat litter tray after a week and that was it. They spent a week or so meowing, sniffing and being very wary of each other.But now they are brilliant. Cat really takes care of her, they lick each others ears and play fight.

I think you just have to try what feels right and hope for the best.
I was told to seperate them in different rooms for a week but the first night was enough.

MrMagooInTheLoo Wed 03-Jun-20 14:04:26

The kitten was 6 weeks and Mum had run off (2nd litter in a few months and mum was only young), the cat was nearly 2 at the time.

Mummypig2020 Wed 03-Jun-20 15:02:21

Thank you!!

Do you need two litter trays and things? We’ve only ever had one and that’s been fine. Our house isn’t massive and she’s had no problems with only having one. Do we need 2 food bowls and water bowls? Dcat sleeps in the kitchen, she has from day one and settles so much better in there. Should I keep kitten in the livingroom at night? And would they be able to sleep in there together in the future?

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vanillandhoney Wed 03-Jun-20 17:09:03

I would definitely have at least two litter trays as some cats really don't like to share. We're very lucky that ours don't seem to bothered but I do think it's only fair to have one tray per cat just in case.

As for food, they share biscuits but when we give them wet food they each have their own bowl/plate to eat from. The biscuits and water are left down all the time and they happily share them.

Ours all have the run of downstairs overnight - we kept the kitten in the bathroom for the first couple of nights but that was more incase he had an accident than anything else. They now happily share all of downstairs together with no issues smile

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