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Recommendations for litter mats for preventing mess/spread

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KatyMac Mon 25-May-20 11:28:39

DH spotted one on Facebook this morning and wants one (as our Flynn is a messy little puss-cat)

So which ones are good and which ones wouldn't you bother with?

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Hamsterian Mon 25-May-20 11:31:36

I like to get “boot trays” because they have a little elevated ridge that keeps mess/ liquid from spreading around. Something like this:

RedRed9 Mon 25-May-20 11:33:40

Our cat has a Pets@Home rubber mat under/next to the litter tray which helped but I found that the biggest change to help reduce mess was changing the actual litter. (We have a long haired cat and changed to big pellets specifically for long haired cats.)

Toddlerteaplease Mon 25-May-20 11:42:45

I've got one, can't remember where I got it from. It works really well. But mine opens in the middle, and as it's quite big it's difficult to empty easily.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 25-May-20 11:43:07

If the opening was at the end it would be better.

KatyMac Mon 25-May-20 12:59:58

Thanks I'll start looking

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madcatladyforever Mon 25-May-20 13:08:25

I've never found anything that works, DCat is a messy sod and I come home to absolute carnage, litter on the stairs, everywhere, I swear she just stands in the litter tray and kicks until the entire contents are on the floor (including all the poo) and hoardes the rest in her big bear paws like paw hamster cheeks.
Some days I get home from work and the litter tray is upside down.
It's a good thing I love her!!!

alessandra27 Mon 25-May-20 13:12:07

I bought this recently Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Litter... and it's working beautifully. Keeps any litter that falls off his paws/he kicks out contained and is easy to empty

KatyMac Mon 25-May-20 14:09:47

@alessandra27 that is the one he saw - so I have bought it & it is end opening @Toddlerteaplease

@madcatladyforever I think you might be right

@RedRed9 at least the current one doesn't make him sneeze!

@Hamsterian thanks but I think the one I have chosen might work better for us

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Hamsterian Mon 25-May-20 14:15:23

Yes indeed! I only realised now you were looking for litter tray matts rather than food bowl matts. The one you ordered looks really good!

reefedsail Mon 25-May-20 14:23:26

A top-loading bucket tray is really good for keeping the mess in. I have the Modkat one which is amazing. You can get cheaper ones, although I would say that it is worth the money, especially if you have a litter-kicker.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 25-May-20 15:17:39

They work really well.

KatyMac Mon 25-May-20 15:34:13

We have a covered one - but if we buy new I's get a top opening one

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madcatladyforever Mon 25-May-20 16:37:27

The top openers look fab, I'll rememebr that for my next cat but current 19 year old would get stuck in there.

Cakes4Teatime Tue 26-May-20 00:18:25

We are getting new cat next week. Never heard of top loading litter box so thank you reefedsail that looks a great idea. Do most cats take to them easily and what age are they suitable from do you think?

QuestionableMouse Tue 26-May-20 00:25:48

I have my litter trays in big storage boxes. Keeps the dog out and the mess contained.

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