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Does anyone know what this looks like?

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Elieza Mon 18-May-20 18:22:25

Poor puss. He’s been through the wars! 🐈

EachandEveryone Mon 18-May-20 18:14:03

Oh good. Hes had a nasty one before.

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HardAsSnails Mon 18-May-20 17:20:54

Looks like a healed abscess.

EachandEveryone Mon 18-May-20 17:17:43

It’s one of my strays. Well Ginger boy who comes and goes when he fancies. I was just stroking him when I felt this. It’s like a little bald patch with this in it. It’s hard and scabby to touch. I’m terrified incase its sinister. We’ve had a bad run lately and I don’t know whether to be worried or not.

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