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Cat looking scrawny

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bruffin Wed 13-May-20 16:06:37

I dont know if anyone remembers my stray who turned up on my doorstep up at christmas .

Any thoughts at the time she was about 2 but then had her spayed and they said ovaries were really small and hadnt been pregnant before so could be about a year.
We still have her as DS hasnt been able to move.

However in last few weeks she has seemed to have grown ie legs look longer and looking scrawny and is hungry all the time. No sign of worms and she is wormed regularly. She is full of life and on the go all the time and needs a lot of attention, wants to play all the time.

Apart from the week we got her she was happy with food twice a day and in the last few weeks she is crying for food regularly and getting more than what is advised on the pack.
Could she just be going through a growth spurt and she is just younger than we thought?

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 13-May-20 16:09:24

Perhaps, if she’d not quite finished puberty.

I grew about 3” after 18.

Hamsterian Wed 13-May-20 18:12:17

She may be having a growth spurt. They do fill out at that age. Leave her some kibble on offer that she can snack on throughout the day. With the nice weather she may also be more active outside and need more calories.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 13-May-20 19:10:43

I wonder if she’s got part of a later maturing breed like a Maine coon? Bengals don’t stop growing till 18 months and ours went through cycles of gangly then chubby then gangly until he finally stopped growing.

helloPig Wed 13-May-20 19:29:37

my rescue boy is 3 and still growing! he definitely has the gene. he’s a bit of a rare beast as he’s completely brown (brown nose leather and whiskers too) with rose-pink toe beans and green eyes. i think he’s got some Havana Brown in him, and something Large. he’s a proper beast.

also, Cat Tax! you have to show a photo of your cat. it’s the Law.

helloPig Wed 13-May-20 19:30:22

(that’s a very big decorative bowl that he’s spilling out of there!)

GrandAltogetherSo Wed 13-May-20 19:36:44

Is she drinking lots too or just seems ravenously hungry?

chocolatespiders Wed 13-May-20 19:41:35

You could leave her some good quality dry food down to graze on through the day.
We use Purizon, Arden grange and Applaws.
I leave mine a bowl down and they snack through the day.

bruffin Wed 13-May-20 19:41:52

Hellopig pictures in my link
But just for you another pic. Doesnt really show how skinny she is now.
She drinks water but doesnt seem desperate for it

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bruffin Wed 13-May-20 19:46:23

You cat is beautiful

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Pleasebeafleabite Wed 13-May-20 19:49:29

They can look scrawny this time of year as they lose their winter coat. She is beautiful but she is definitely looking a little scraggy coat wise.

Pleasebeafleabite Wed 13-May-20 19:50:45

I didn’t mean that in an unkind way by the way, Just a possibility

HappyHammy Wed 13-May-20 19:59:53

A trip to the vet might be a good idea to check her blood test. She is a very pretty little thing.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 13-May-20 20:00:53

She does look thinner but winter coats can be very thick compared to summer coats.

I’m sure there’s a guide online showing how much bone you should be able to feel on a healthy cat.

bruffin Wed 13-May-20 20:20:01

The summer coat does make sense. My other cat doesn't seem to change that much, but she was really fluffy before

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Pleasebeafleabite Wed 13-May-20 20:27:56

I have a fluffy Tortie like you OP and there is a big difference between her winter coat and her summer coat.

helloPig Wed 13-May-20 20:32:29

she’s very pretty. if she’s flead and wormed and eating i’d say it’s just a growth spurt. mine gets gangly then broadens out to even things out. waiting with interest to see when he will stop, he’s very hungry at the moment so another growth spurt is imminent.

he’s going to be the size of a pony by the time he’s done!

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