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After a year of not coming home...

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StillMedusa Wed 13-May-20 00:12:23

Obie the unfaithful strolled in an hour ago, rubbed himself round my legs, ate two trays of food and sloped upstairs for a kip!!!!!!

The GIT!!!! He decided life was better at Thelma-four-doors-down nearly a year ago, having got fed up with his sister hissing at him. There he gets deli ham, best steak and all the trimmings. However we had to grab him 3 weeks ago and give him a home clippering as he was matted to hell and Thelma couldn't sort him by herself (to be fair it took two of us the best part of an hour with men's clippers on the advice of our vet..and he has the worst covid haircut ever but he feels sooooo much better...if only he'd let us groom him...)

How do I feel slightly honoured that he came HOME when we only ever loved him?!

Here he is, on the stairs looking like he'd never dumped us....! (and looking a bit less dreadful 3 weeks post shave!)

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TheLongRider Wed 13-May-20 00:18:26

He really is the prodigal cat! Has his sister hissed at him yet? He's exercising his rights over your household. In the old days in this country you would have to "walk the land" at least once a year to prevent trespassers from claiming adverse possession.

dublingirl653 Wed 13-May-20 00:23:32

The brass neck

Very beautiful cat
He looks so proud 😂😂

Snooks1971 Wed 13-May-20 00:26:40

Oh he’s very handsome (and he knows it) !

EveryLifeHasASoundtrack Wed 13-May-20 00:28:24

He’s broken lockdown rules and travelled to his second home. 😮 🤫

Bless him, enjoy having him home for now. 😬

StillMedusa Wed 13-May-20 00:38:11

He wandered into DD2's bedroom where Ophie (sister) resides...
she came in via the window looked absolutely disgusted at him stretched out on the bed and hissed her head off!
He got a better reception from the puppy who he hasn't really met grin

He's gone out again now but it was soooo nice to have a cuddle and shows he does know this is still one of his homes!

* I'm going to check on Thelma tomorrow to check she's ok...she's elderly.... just in case he hasn't pitched up because something's happened and he hasn't had his steak!*

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