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Cat attacking stair spindles

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EnlightenedOwl Fri 08-May-20 09:57:50

My stairs are open plan type and she is using the spindles as scratching posts literally gouging them. She has scratching posts and boards. How can I stop her?

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Potentialmadcatlady Fri 08-May-20 10:10:33

You can order scratching mats online that attach around the spindles with Velcro.. I have a couple up so my cats scratch those and leave the rest of the spindles alone

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 08-May-20 10:14:22

Does she have a tall scratch post? A lot are too short and they like to stretch up and scratch.

Windyatthebeach Fri 08-May-20 10:16:22

No sure of prevention but I dabbed a used tea bag over ours and it covered the scratches well!!

TigerDroveAgain Fri 08-May-20 10:18:37

Rub them down with orange peel or get some of that spray that small like something cats don’t like (can’t remember if it’s citrus or lion poo!)

TigerDroveAgain Fri 08-May-20 10:18:50


Stillamum3 Fri 08-May-20 12:47:50

You could fix some carpet offcuts around them with cable ties or string if you have some.

LST Fri 08-May-20 12:48:45

Get some rope or thick twine and wrap it around the spindles she scratches. I think it looks quite good!

EnlightenedOwl Sun 10-May-20 17:00:47

Thanks she somehow gets under anything I wrap around to get at the wood. She has damaged a lot of doors and pulled up the carpets. Never had one as destructive as this I admit.

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