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My cat attacked me and I don't know what to do

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poppet31 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:09:07

For background, my cat is 7 and came to us at about 1 from a rescue centre. She had been found as a stray with a maggot infested wound (probably from a cat fight.) From day 1, she has been difficult with us. Used to bite and was generally quite unimaginable. We put her on feliway and it seemed to help. She has never been particularly affectionate, but calmed down a lot over the years. However she has always hated other cats, to the point where she will throw herself at the glass and howl if she sees a cat out the window. We only have cats in the garden very occasionally and she is a housecat (does go in back garden on lead) so it wasn't too much of an issue.

That was until our next door neighbour got a cat six months ago. This cat will not leave us alone and is in our garden every day. We have tried everything to keep her out but nothing has worked and our cat is getting more and more distressed and aggressive. Tonight, after seeing the cat in the garden, she attacked me. I understand about redirected aggression, but this seemed more than that. She looked me straight in the eye, paused and then went for me. I was about 5 feet away, standing still talking on the phone. She has clawed at my leg and drew blood in three places. I managed to quickly get out the room as she lunged to try and attack me again. My worry is, we have a 3 year old and I don't know if I can trust her around him now. I love her to bits and the last thing I want to do is have her put to sleep, but I'm worried that's what it may come to as she is becoming increasingly aggressive. Has anyone encountered something similar? Going to ring the vet tomorrow to see if perhaps putting her on some sort of sedative might be an option. Apologies for the long post but I am feeling pretty distraught tonight. Any advice welcome.

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TheSpottedZebra Sun 26-Apr-20 22:11:18

Oh no, that sounds awful.

I'd do as you said - call vet and see what they say. Any chance that your cat is hurt?

I'd also focus on keeping other cat out of the garden. Have you tried water pistol, making loud noises etc etc?

TheSpottedZebra Sun 26-Apr-20 22:12:23

What about stinky stuff to keep next door cat away - chilli powder, citrus peels etc?

redsky75 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:17:08

Sounds awful. The only thing that has worked for my neighbour (to keep our cats out of his garden) are the sensors that emit a noise only they can hear that puts them off. However, this might mean if you have a smallish garden that your own cat would hear it and would cause further distress. Might be worth looking into in terms of distances etc to see if it could be an option as it really has worked. Good luck!

Veterinari Sun 26-Apr-20 22:18:01

What's the reason she doesn't go out? If she's not able to go outside and protect her territory then you need to screen her from the other cat entirely. Put frosted window film up so she can't see out and optimise the inside space as per

RainRainGoAway2020 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:20:25

First off get some cat claw clippers and clip off the sharp pointy ends. That will massively minimise the damage your cat can do with its claws. As long as you are careful not to cut the quick it’s painless for them.

magicstar1 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:23:35

Can she not go out and chase the other cat away?

poppet31 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:32:46

Thanks for the suggestions. We keep her in deliberately because she is so aggressive towards other cats. Not just this cat, but all cats. She would kill a cat if she got out and saw one. She has been happy with being a housecat until this cat next door appeared.

We trim her claws regularly and actually did this a couple of days ago so I am surprised by how much damage she has done to my leg.

In terms of what we have tried to keep the other cat away - crystals that omit a smell, two noise omitting sensors, water pistol, loud noises, we have added additional panelling to our fence in back garden so cats can't see each other. Nothing has worked. This cat seems obsessed with our cat. It's like she is deliberately taunting her. Screening the window may be an option, although I think she would just jump on chair, scratchy post, go upstairs.

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FannyFifer Sun 26-Apr-20 22:35:30

I'd prob just let her out, other cat prob won't come back if it gets chased.

justanotherneighinparadise Sun 26-Apr-20 22:35:36

I think I’d just let her out and let her stake the claim to her territory! I bet she’d keep the other cat out the garden!

lljkk Sun 26-Apr-20 22:37:07

How do you trim her claws? Mine would slake me if I tried that.

Lou573 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:37:56

Let her out OP, cats have a way of sorting these things out between them.

CoconutLime Sun 26-Apr-20 22:44:03

I think you have no option but to let her out. You can discuss this with the vet and see what their thoughts are. Think of it this way, isn’t it better to let her out and see what happens than putting her to sleep? She may scare the other cat off so they never dare set foot in your garden again.

Justmuddlingalong Sun 26-Apr-20 22:45:18

Firstly, I'd get her checked at the vet and secondly, I'd let her out. Let the neighbourhood cats and your cat sort it out between them. She's watching the other cat on her territory and it seems to be goading her. She must be very stressed by the intrusion on her patch.

theneighbourswindchime Sun 26-Apr-20 22:51:12

It's very unlikely that she will actually kill the other cat.... they will have a proper fight and that should deter the visiting cat!

thriftyhen Sun 26-Apr-20 22:55:08

Why does she not go out? Cats aren't designed to live indoors. We have 4 cats, all lovely and affectionate, and they come and go as they please. If they didn't go out they would probably behave like yours. She's probably having a nervous breakdown!

mrscatmad31 Sun 26-Apr-20 23:02:01

I would definitely reccomend a behaviourist, not medication. Is she insured? If so it may be covered by insurance. Dont let her out if she is normally a house cat

poppet31 Sun 26-Apr-20 23:03:05

Thanks for all the advice but I really don't want this to turn in to a debate about indoor vs outdoor. She was perfectly happy as a housecat until a few months ago.

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RaspberryBubblegum Sun 26-Apr-20 23:06:40

Would window film help? You can get ones with pretty designs on and they still let the light in. Then your cat would be unable to see?

EdwynCollins Sun 26-Apr-20 23:09:32

Could you cat proof your garden so your cat can go out and others can't get in

poppet31 Sun 26-Apr-20 23:12:11

I will try window film, thank you. Should have mentioned earlier we have full height windows at front of the house which doesn't help!

Cat proofing the garden is certainly something we want to look in to. Just looking for more immediate solutions at the moment as worried our cat may attack our young son if in the wrong place at the wrong time. We did look in to cat proofing before but she's never been bothered about going out to be honest. Was always content with a short stroll on her lead then came in of her own accord.

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poppet31 Sun 26-Apr-20 23:13:27

Can't cat proof front garden though as we share a hedge with next door and cat is coming through the fence (or sometimes just walking up the driveway!) husband is going to try and fashion some sort of screening to put along the hedge.

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Smilebehappy123 Sun 26-Apr-20 23:14:05

Let the cat out and it can bang the other cat
Is it horny ?

CalleighDoodle Sun 26-Apr-20 23:16:26

1. Cat proof the garden.
2. Spray other cat with water.
You need to help Her defend her territory.

JuniperBeer Sun 26-Apr-20 23:18:27

Have the hose ready. You won't have to to do it more than twice!

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