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Steve Cash died - Talking Kitty

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MrsCatE Sat 18-Apr-20 03:46:37

Sorry, this maybe bonkers but thought some of fellow cat lovers may follow Talking Kitty. Steve Cash, Sylvester's 'owner', has died. He shared his bipolar diagnosis recently because he would get so much abuse on his website for not sharing more Sylvester, Random Kitten, Gibby'sSon and Shelby Girl videos on YouTube.

I wanted to post a sympathy message on his website but can't - just wanted to let other fans of Talking Kitty know.

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MrsCatE Sat 18-Apr-20 03:47:35

Apologies for illiterate posting

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Want2beme Sat 18-Apr-20 11:37:59

I'm afraid I didn't know of him. That sounds very sad.

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