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Gumtree kittens

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Vinorosso74 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:05:57

A rescue I follow has posted about some scumbag selling kittens on Gumtree. Seven ginger kittens; dad is apparently the neighbours pure breed ginger (moggy to you and me).
Anyway they are selling the boys for £1200; the girls you have to contact them due to the rarity of female ginger kittens. This is their wording. Kittens are currently 2 days old bit you can reserve them for £200.
Words fail me.....

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Oldestchild90s Sat 11-Apr-20 20:16:44

Things like this make me sick. Especially when it's all just for money! The only positive thing i have in my mind is hopefully they get treated properly 🤞🏻

Wolfiefan Sat 11-Apr-20 20:18:05

This makes me so angry. No animals should be sold online.

Vinorosso74 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:19:18

It's just sickening isn't it? Mum is apparently 4 years old so no doubt has had several litters already.
I've just had a rant aloud at home about it all!

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Wauden Sat 11-Apr-20 20:20:47

Isn't there a new law against that now, to sell via a third party, eg Gumtree, or any other third party?

Wolfiefan Sat 11-Apr-20 20:20:58

We have two rescues. The rescue was contacted by someone who wanted the exact colour they are. But she wanted to take them at 6 weeks and wasn’t prepared to take them any older.
People like her will pay. angry

Vinorosso74 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:25:54

The law doesn't stop this sadly. The seller has mum and is selling directly from.thie home. I'm not defending them but I don't think this new law goes far enough.

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Wolfiefan Sat 11-Apr-20 20:27:16

It doesn’t. Nowhere near. sad

Wauden Sat 11-Apr-20 20:30:30

Lucy's Law:

This will mean that anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy or kitten under six months must either deal directly with the breeder or with an animal rehoming centre.

This will help to crack down on puppy farms and make it much harder for high volume low welfare breeders, both licensed and unlicensed, whose trade relies on third party sellers.

These include the early separation of puppies and kittens from their mothers and the increased likelihood of long journeys that puppies or kittens have to undertake. All of these can contribute to an increased risk of disease and a lack of socialisation for the puppies and kittens.

Wauden Sat 11-Apr-20 20:33:00

Sorry, but you say that they have advertised on Gumtree, so Gumtree is the third party, and it's illegal.

Vinorosso74 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:36:00

It isn't illegal as the breeder is selling the kittens. Someone has contacted Gumtree but it is all nothing their guidelines. As I way the law doesn't go far enough.

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Vinorosso74 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:38:00

Too may typos!
*within not nothing
*say not way

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zsazsajuju Sat 11-Apr-20 20:40:55

Not sure of the hysteria, you don’t seem to have knowledge of any welfare issues at all. Your neighbor sold kittens had by her pets on gumtree. That’s not unusual.

sweetkitty Sat 11-Apr-20 20:43:54

If someone is willing to part with £1200 for a moggy more fool them.

Gumtree kittens always seem to be part rag doll or Bengal hmm

Wolfiefan Sat 11-Apr-20 20:45:35

Not unusual? @zsazsajuju
It’s despicable. Breeding from pets for cash instead of doing the best thing for them and neutering.

Vinorosso74 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:52:01

@zsazsajuju not quite sure who you're directing your comment at.
Owners not neutering pets is irresponsible. Unneutered cats have more health problems. Making money off breeding them also irresponsible.
I have good knowledge about animal welfare thank you (some posters on here have a lot) and volunteer in a rescue like other posters on here. There is no hysteria. It is people using their pets as money making machines which is wrong.

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zsazsajuju Sat 11-Apr-20 21:01:23

Sorry but there’s no basis to say it’s “despicable” to sell kittens. Pets are sold - that’s what happens. Cats have kittens, not like we are overrun by them in fact its often quite difficult to get a cat. You have no knowledge of any welfare issues at all with your neighbours cat. Calm yourself down.

MrAlyhakinsMassiveYacht Sat 11-Apr-20 21:03:30

Owners can't neuter their pets at the moment. What happens in a few months time when everyone has kittens and puppies?

zsazsajuju Sat 11-Apr-20 21:03:36

Also your post is daft. It is of course responsible to neuter your pet. However there’s no general health issue requiring cars to be neutered. If we all did it, there would be no cats at all.

sweetkitty Sat 11-Apr-20 21:07:49

Don’t allow your kittens put them until they’ve been neutered it’s not difficult.

Cat rescues are overrun with unwanted cats and kittens. When the cute wee kitten gets pregnant then gets dumped? Three of my cats are from mothers dumped when pregnant.

zsazsajuju Sat 11-Apr-20 21:08:19

My cat had kittens when I was growing up )(she was young and my parents hadn’t got round to neutering her). We gave them away as back then this was more common and no one was paying for kittens. We got our cat neutered after that and she lived a long healthy life. One of our neighbors took two of the kittens and we saw them grow up and have a good life too. So I struggle to see how this was in any way despicable. Or wrong at all.

Gingerkittykat Sat 11-Apr-20 21:09:41

They are looking to rake in £6400 if they get their asking price, which is debatable as surely most people will see through this scam.

Gingerkittykat Sat 11-Apr-20 21:10:01

£8400 even!

zsazsajuju Sat 11-Apr-20 21:10:24

@sweetkitty - I couldn’t get a cat at all from a rescue because I had a young child despite months of trying. That’s the same with any other parent I spoke to. Cat rescue places are either not overrun at all or are extremely irresponsible.

BaroleCaskin Sat 11-Apr-20 21:10:30

£1200??? Surely nobody is going to buy a kitten (especially a moggy) for that price??

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