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How to introduce a new cat

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PickledWilly Sat 21-Mar-20 22:29:30

So, bit of a weird one. Just moved house with my two female cats (one is 4 and the other is nearly 2). They get on ok, but I would say they love each other. I was told today that our elderly neighbour has died and asked if I would take in his cat. I agreed. However here is the thing. It is a male 6 year old cat who has not lived with other cats. What is the likelihood that the three will get on? And how is best to introduce this?

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Toddlerteaplease Sat 21-Mar-20 22:59:03

Do it very slowly. Keep him in a separate room at first and scent swap. Though I just Let my cat out and they got on with it. However o knew they were both exceptionally placid cats so it would be fine.

Scornedwoman67 Sat 21-Mar-20 23:05:36

Hi there
Firstly ensure he is neutered. Bring him indoors & keep him in a separate room for a few days. They will sniff each other through the door. Once they seem relaxed about it introduce him slowly. Keep the, separate whilst eating and when you can't keep an eye. They will eventually accept him. You just need patience. Have a look at the advice on this site

Good luck. Your new moggy is a lucky boy smile

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