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Picture thread

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Mummyoftwo91 Thu 19-Mar-20 14:09:27

With everything that's going on atm can we all cheer ourselves up with a picture thread? Show me your fur children! These are my two tortie girls

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AnneJeanne Thu 19-Mar-20 14:20:01

Gorgeous girls! Here’s my boy. He’s 15 and slowing down a bit but he’s a lovely companion.

TheLongRider Thu 19-Mar-20 14:59:06

Idiot Boycat showing off his pom-pom collection.

Yiayoula Thu 19-Mar-20 15:07:16

Lovely pictures ! This little chap owns my grandchildren - haven’t met him yet , as they aren’t in the UK.

Mitzdob Thu 19-Mar-20 15:15:29

My fur babies are certainly loving the house being full. Lots of laps to pummel and laptops to sit on! Naughty tortie tried to get in the bath this morning - while I was in it !

Mummyoftwo91 Thu 19-Mar-20 17:18:48

Loving the pictures! Saw this which made me laugh

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purrswhileheeats Thu 19-Mar-20 17:27:11

Kloppy is DELIGHTED that I'm working from home hmm

TheLongRider Thu 19-Mar-20 18:10:17

@purrswhileheeats He's nearly my boys twin! Mine has a white bib though.

Terralee Thu 19-Mar-20 19:23:01

My cat loves cuddles on the bed!!

iklboo Thu 19-Mar-20 19:37:45

J-Man & C-Bear (one of their many nicknames)

iklboo Thu 19-Mar-20 19:39:24

Better one of C-Bear

Toddlerteaplease Thu 19-Mar-20 20:34:23

Magic & Cheddar

Want2beme Thu 19-Mar-20 21:51:53

Terralee iklboo love your cats. I've got a real weakness for longhaired tuxedos❤

Here are my 3

Susiesue61 Thu 19-Mar-20 23:11:35

My lovely Fernando 😊

Terralee Fri 20-Mar-20 08:19:43

@Want2beme your 3rd cat looks like my old cat who I miss very much, sadly died 2 years ago but she was black & fluffy.
Pic below.
My current cat is beautiful with a totally different personality to my old cat!

Want2beme Fri 20-Mar-20 08:50:32

Terralee wow, that's amazing. Since having her I've noticed more and more very like ours. They're always in our heartssmile

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Fri 20-Mar-20 11:49:57

Basil says hello at his lookalikes.

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