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Kitten not eating and weird liquid?

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CakeOnMe Thu 19-Mar-20 11:12:14

Hi, my kitten is 5 (almost 6) months old. Since yesterday he hasn’t eaten his dry food, if he does he will nibble on it, but he hasn’t finished the whole bowl. When given wet food he will eat. This morning I woke to find a clear mucus-like liquid on the floor. Any idea what to do?


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clanger71 Thu 19-Mar-20 13:54:04

He might have puked up a hairball. Mine does it occasionally - goes a bit off his food and then there's a load of clear mucus on the floor - occasionally I hear or see him trying to cough it up. I've never found any hair in it though grin, apart from maybe a bit of grey stuff.

Oldestchild90s Thu 19-Mar-20 13:57:08

It's probably nothing too serious but if he keeps doing it maybe you should seek advice from someone! That's probably something you have figured out yourself sorry 😂

thecatneuterer Fri 20-Mar-20 11:58:45

As long as he's eating wet food normally (and you're giving him as much as he wants) I wouldn't worry.

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