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Has anyone moved indoor cats to the country?

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Bellaisoneluckywoman Thu 19-Mar-20 05:56:46

We have two 8 year old indoor cats (breeder said keep them indoors and they are totally used to it), but are wondering what would happen if we moved to the countryside. Would they go crazy outside having a lovely time murdering all the wildlife - or might they actually shun the outside having been so used to staying indoors/being institutionalised.

Has anyone had this experience and can anyone tell me what is most likely?

Many thanks!

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TW2013 Thu 19-Mar-20 06:01:23

Not been in that position myself but I think it would totally depend on the cat. One of ours is always clawing at the door to get out. The other one is inside most of the day, even though the door is wide open and she can wander freely. Probably partly depends on the breed. Some are lazier than others. You could always get them used to it by going out on a lead.

Puffykins Thu 19-Mar-20 06:06:37

We moved an indoor cat to the countryside. She has a super lovely life doing exactly what she wants inside or outside, and while she does catch the odd mouse/ small rabbit, hasn't exactly gone on a murder spree.... the really good thing is that she no longer needs a litter tray because she goes out. It really didn't take long: we kept a (low) window open and moved the tray nearer to it every day, then put it outside the window - at which point she completely stopped using it.

snowqu33n Thu 19-Mar-20 06:08:53

It’s a long time ago now, but my indoor cats were happy when I started letting them out the cat door after the initial few weeks to settle in. Both went AWOL for a few days at different times during the first year. One of them liked to stay close to home and still used the litter tray, the other liked exploring but came back whenever I opened a tuna can. I could open it at the back windows and watch him emerge from the woods in the distance and run across a field to come home (smoky Persian). His long hair got clumps with twigs a lot, but he only brought back leaves and single, long feathers as presents.

Elouera Thu 19-Mar-20 06:09:02

Couldnt you put a bell on their collars to reduce their 'murdering' spree?

Bellaisoneluckywoman Thu 19-Mar-20 06:24:41

I'm not so worried about them murdering stuff. It's more that I'm worried about traffic and them getting hit by a car. They have no experience of traffic so I'm really scared. Just not realistic to keep the front door closed all the time in the countryside. I was rather hoping someone would say 'oh, if they have never been outside they will probably stay very close to the front door' or similar. Probably not realistic....

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kpdchudleigh Sun 22-Mar-20 19:50:35

After losing my beloved boy age 14 in October I swore I'd never get another cat. Fast forward and I am in my third week of being a forever foster owner to a pair of cats via Cinnamon Trust! How did that happen?

They are nine years old and have lived in a sheltered housing apartment but will be allowed outside once the vet has them vaccinated and chipped after COVID-19 buggers off. My friend took on an older indoor cat who never wanted freedom and would just sit in the open doorway. The last two days I've had cause to go into the garden and once the door swang open and today I left it open to see their reaction.

The boy has been curious but minimally, venturing no more than two foot from the safety of home. The girl has zero interest. I'm semi rural but with an enclosed garden affording some degree of containment although my last cat came and went easily. The road sense thing does worry me but they seem to react with appropriate caution when they become aware of cars passing by from inside the living room so hopefully they'll be fine.

There's an old saying along the lines of a life lived without risk is a life merely survived and I think the benefits of being able to experience some degree of natural cat behaviour has to be better for their quality of life. Let us know how it goes if you do move.

TobyeBella Sun 22-Mar-20 19:58:02

Not moved to the countryside as such but we had an indoor rescue cat, she was elderly and very nervous after being abused.

We moved from a one bed house with no garden to a three bed semi with garden. She wasnt too interested but would potter about the garden if we were out there with her.

Like pp have said probably depends on the cat and their age and temperament.

Bellaisoneluckywoman Mon 23-Mar-20 05:56:00

Awww kpdchudleigh, I can understand exactly how that happened!!

Thank you and TobyeBella for letting me know about your experiences. I worry that our cats are very perky and full of energy so can't see them staying close to the front door, but so hard to know without trying.

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NewName54321 Mon 23-Mar-20 08:50:43

DCat is a rescue who was an indoor cat in her first home. She's middle-aged and neutered, which may make a difference, but she just likes a little potter in the garden and next-door in the sunshine.

She's scared of the wildlife (a category that includes leaves blowing on about on the ground).

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