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Feeling nervous about letting kitten out 😩

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Foxton20 Mon 02-Mar-20 16:23:01

Kitten is 7months and was spayed 2 months ago. She’s abit of a lazy thing who has a few mad moments a day since having her spay.

she loves curling up on the sofa. But I feel awful for not letting her out. A few times she’s been out for 5 mins and just looks around and walks low down. She looks like she’s going to scale the fence and I call her back in bevause im terrified.

In the summer we have the patio doors open constantly so the kids can come and go, and our windows so I don’t know how we would get round if she became a house cat. Plus husband doesn’t think it’s fair keeping her in.

I feel such a nervous wreck.

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Wolfiefan Mon 02-Mar-20 16:25:59

If you want to let her out but not have her roam could you cat proof the garden?
Are you near major roads or other hazards?

GrumpysOtherHalf Mon 02-Mar-20 16:30:26

Do you think you could put a cat leash on her and let her snoop around the garden at her own pace?

Get her used to all the smells and sounds of outside. Be nice for her to be out in the sunshine

Rupertpenrysmistress Mon 02-Mar-20 16:39:11

I have been through this always had outdoor cats until I got my new kitten and, vet suggested I keep her indoors as they make better pets.

Anyway she was unhappy indoors so I gradually let her out in the garden with me, and around the local area, I did use a lead and it was ok, anyway, I made the decision to let her go on her own, didn't feed her in the morning and then called her back after 30 minutes, she came. I did this a few times so far no problems that was 6 months ago. I know her routine now. I was petrified she wouldn't come back, make sure she is used to how you call her so she recognises you. Us she chipped?

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