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My 16yo cat is not smelling too great these days

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Underhiseye2 Sun 23-Feb-20 20:49:30

We have had our darling cat from a kitten (rescue) and he has had 16 years so far of pure luxury! He is free to go out via catflap but chooses to spend more time indoors nowadays. He used to be quite the hunter but now the mice and few and far between.

The last week or so he has not been smelling too good. Often passing wind, at times when he is presumably relaxed because I'm stroking him. But generally he just has a bit of a smell about him. He has always been a clean boy, aren't they all, but possibly isnt cleaning himself as often. I will try and monitor this.

He isnt the lightest boy but not a fat cat either. He eats 1-2 pouches a day of wet food. And good quality biscuits to make up for this from my morals point of view.

Is it common for older cats to smell? Any ideas what it could be if not just old age? He does seem to have aged quite a bit recently and so I am worried something may be up.

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sassafras123 Sun 23-Feb-20 21:06:31

May be get his teeth checked? Does he drink enough? And he may need some extra grooming.Get a vet check in case of underlying problems.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 23-Feb-20 21:11:08

If he is farting he might need his gut flora resetting is it still ok to give cats yakult

wonderrotunda Sun 23-Feb-20 21:13:04

My boy has a bad back and can’t wash his bum...could it be something like that? He has medicine which affects his poo a bit too and seems to make his anal glands get blocked sometimes so that smells a bit. That doesn’t smell of wind just a kind of musty odour

viccat Mon 24-Feb-20 15:59:09

If he's never had a senior blood and urine test done, that would be highly recommended to check up on his general health.

justcly Mon 24-Feb-20 21:35:20

Similar problem here. He's 21, very fit and healthy ( he has six monthly check-ups) and very affectionate. But he has just stopped grooming. It's as if he has said, right, enough of that shit. He washes his paws and his nethers, that's it. Thing is, he is starting to smell very musky. I suggested a bath but everyone left the room. Any suggestions?

wonderrotunda Mon 24-Feb-20 22:50:17

I’m not sure how he’s feel about smelling like flowers but you can get kitty wipes to stroke over them? @ justcly

MollysMummy2010 Mon 24-Feb-20 23:00:40

My cat started to smell and it was mouth cancer. She stopped eating eventually though so hopefully not the same. Probably teeth?

MollysMummy2010 Mon 24-Feb-20 23:05:35

@justcly gorgeous cat! Here is mine.

MollysMummy2010 Mon 24-Feb-20 23:11:20

And photo

justcly Tue 25-Feb-20 02:09:28


It definitely isn't teeth. He has regular dentals, and that rotten teeth smell is very distinctive.

Plump82 Tue 25-Feb-20 15:38:15

You can get a foam shampoo that doesn't require washing off. I used it on my old cat as she had a whole host of issues. Id make sure the house was nice and warm as it is wet but it dries quickly. You can get it in Pets at Home.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 25-Feb-20 18:43:31

You can get dry shampoo for cats. Cheddar smelt of strawberry lemonade, when I gave her a dry shampoo after adopting her.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 25-Feb-20 18:43:52

Cross post!

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